Inspecting Your Car After Auto Body Repairs

After your car is involved in a collision or suffers body damage, finding a reputable auto body shop is a top priority. After repairs have been made, many vehicle owners feel so relieved to have their car or truck back in their possession that they don’t take the time to make sure repairs are up to par. This is unfortunate since inspecting your car after auto body repairs in one of the most important steps.

But even drivers who know they should check out the auto body repairs quality tend to be confused about exactly what to look for. In this blog, we’ll give you tips on what to do before driving away from the repair shop. We will also cover what to do if you feel the repair quality is lacking.

#1 Inspect the Entire Vehicle

The first (and most overlooked) step is to inspect your entire vehicle, not just the affected area. Your vehicle should be clean when you pick it up, and if it isn’t, you should complain. Dirt hides imperfections and can stop you from seeing imperfections that weren’t there before or weren’t corrected. Once this initial inspection is passed, move on to the repaired areas.

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#2 Closely inspect the repaired areas

When closely inspecting your car after auto body repairs, what you are looking for depends on what repairs were made. A quick Google search can be a great place to start since you will want to make yourself more knowledgeable about your vehicle’s specific repairs. Many sites also offer auto body repair checklists that will help you know what you should expect to see.

If you don’t feel comfortable showing up with a checklist or aren’t sure what to ask, one option is to ask your technician to give you a run through of what repairs were performed. While listening and looking at your vehicle, ask appropriate questions. Also be on the lookout for things that don’t look or feel right.

#3 Next Steps

If during your inspection, red flags are raised or you have an uneasy feeling regarding certain repairs, speak up. Many of us like to avoid confrontation. So instead of expressing concern, we settle for good enough. Collision care is one area where this type of passive attitude can be costly. If your auto body shop didn’t make the repairs appropriately, you might end up with more costs down the road. In some cases, fatal accidents have occurred because of faulty repairs.

If the auto body shop is willing (and they should be) to correct their mistake, move forward. If, however, they refuse to make things right, you have other options. After inspecting your car after auto body repairs, you may no longer be confident in the shop’s ability to perform the work. In this case, it’s probably best to look for another provider to complete the repairs. Just make sure you don’t give into the temptation to complete repairs yourself. DIY fixes are dangerous and costly as going to a body shop that isn’t capable of making adequate repairs.

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