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If your auto accident will be covered by insurance, Orlando will cover the tow and bill the insurance company.
If you are a cash pay customer, then you must pay for the tow at the time of service.
When calling our tow service please let the dispatcher know that you would like your car brought to
Orlando Auto body – 1007 S. Center St.  Mesa, AZ 85210

Free Towing Available

Our Latest Blog Posts

  • “How To Tell If You Can Trust Your Auto Body Shop”
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    “How To Tell If You Can Trust Your Auto Body Shop”

    Let’s face it, you never actually plan to get into an accident—whether a minor fender-bender or major collision where you’ll need extensive auto body work done. This is not a business where you’re driving down a street and say, “Oh geez, I think I’ll get my front end repaired now. Oh, there’s an auto body

  • “You Have A Choice for Your Auto Body Repair!”
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    “You Have A Choice for Your Auto Body Repair!”

    When you have a collision and need auto body repair,  insurance companies will recommend one or more body shops to you but the choice is always yours where you want to go.   Most insurance companies have repair contracts with shops in your area.  They usually require the shops they work with to  perform the repairs

  • “Used Parts Vs. Original Manufacturer (OEM) parts: Does it Matter?”
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    “Used Parts Vs. Original Manufacturer (OEM) parts: Does it Matter?”

      When having your car repaired after a collision there has been extensive debate and even litigation regarding the use of after-market or used parts as opposed to original manufactured equipment (OEM) parts when performing the repairs. Depending on who you talk to, there are two sides to this argument.  Critics and some body shops

  • “Tire Care For Safety and Longer Wear”
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    “Tire Care For Safety and Longer Wear”

    Bad tires can be a big contributor to an accident.  Your tires are the only connection between your car and the road so proper tire care, along with monthly inspection of them, is suggested for driving safety. Below are 3 areas of tire care you should keep tabs on:         Pressure- Your

  • “5 Tips to Avoid a Collision With A Deer and Car Repair”
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    “5 Tips to Avoid a Collision With A Deer and Car Repair”

        Deer collisions result in tens of thousands of injuries, astronomical car repair cost and death. Although deer collision statistics vary from state to state, the majority of deer accidents occur in the Midwest.  However, no matter where you live, you should be aware of possibility of colliding with a deer—or other animal. The most

  • “What to Expect From Your Auto Body Shop….”
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    “What to Expect From Your Auto Body Shop….”

    When people are involved in a collision and need their car repaired many don’t know the process of how an auto body shop works.  It can be little intimidating when you don’t know what to expect after a collision.   Here are the steps involved in getting your car repaired: Contact your insurance company. They

  • “Why Use ‘Paintless’ Dent Repair”?
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    “Why Use ‘Paintless’ Dent Repair”?

    Some auto body shops offer paintless dent repair (PDR).  Whether it’s called “paintless”, “paint free” or “dentless”, the principle is the same: the technique enables the technician to not affect your vehicle’s original paint finish.  The most common use of PDR is the repair of hail damage, door dings, minor creases, large dents and bodylines damage.

  • “ Waive An Insurance Deductible. Is It Possible?”
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    “ Waive An Insurance Deductible. Is It Possible?”

      People sometimes ask how a body shop can waive an insurance deductible?  How is it possible— or even legal—when getting your car repaired after a collision? First, it is completely legal.  Although insurance companies will try to tell you otherwise—and even go as far as to say it’s fraud– once you make a claim

  • “Self-Driving Cars—Safe or Not?”
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    “Self-Driving Cars—Safe or Not?”

    There have been many articles over the last few years discussing the pro’s and con’s of  self-driving cars.  Most agree that the technology at this point isn’t perfect by any means, with many bugs still needing to be worked out. Since there are so many variables at play in this technology, even Google, who first

  • “Avoid the Auto Insurance Tactic: ‘Delay, Deny, Defend’”
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    “Avoid the Auto Insurance Tactic: ‘Delay, Deny, Defend’”

      Not all insurance companies are created equal.  This post isn’t meant to point fingers at a particular insurer but the above insurance tactic is well-known for collision repair in the auto body industry and our purpose here is to alert the consumer.   This goal of this documented tactic called “delay, deny, defend” is

  • “Collision Repair: How To Protect Yourself and Your Finances”
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    “Collision Repair: How To Protect Yourself and Your Finances”

    Insurance companies and aftermarket part manufacturers claim they’ve saved consumers millions of dollars by using cheaper imitation parts.  In January 2013 the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America issued a special report that stated the use of aftermarket parts reduce the amount insurers had to pay on claims for collision and auto body repair.  Insurers

  • “How To Tell if Your Car Was Repaired Correctly After a Collision”
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    “How To Tell if Your Car Was Repaired Correctly After a Collision”

    You’ve had a collision and you’ve gone through all the steps to get your vehicle repaired.  You took the car to your insurance company—or sent pictures of the damage—for an appraisal of the damage. You then got an estimate at your local body shop and had it repaired. You want it repaired so it looks like

  • “What Insurance Companies DON’T Tell You About Collision Repair”
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    “What Insurance Companies DON’T Tell You About Collision Repair”

    If you’ve been in a collision and need your car repaired many insurance companies will attempt to “steer” you toward body shops that use generic or “after-market” auto parts.  These after-market parts are parts that aren’t made by the original manufacturer of your car.  They are generic and the top body shops complain—rightly so— that these

  • “Know Your Auto Body Shop Before You Need Them!”
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    “Know Your Auto Body Shop Before You Need Them!”

    Let’s face it, nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “I hope I get into a fender-bender today so I can go to my auto body shop!” Ridiculous self-talk? Definitely.  But could a fender-bender happen? Absolutely.  The point is body shops are similar to plumbers, electricians and lawyers.  Nobody really thinks about what they

  • “Insurance Photo Option for Car Collision Claims—Good or Bad?”
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    “Insurance Photo Option for Car Collision Claims—Good or Bad?”

    Some insurance companies are offering the option of sending photos in for collision appraisal in an effort to cut out the middle man of appraisers. This insurance photo option obviously saves the insurance company money on both the appraisers salary and benefits as well as the repairs themselves. However, body shops are not too keen on

  • “5 Questions to Ask Your Body Shop After a Collision”
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    “5 Questions to Ask Your Body Shop After a Collision”

    After the initial shock of getting in a collision has worn off and you’ve contacted your insurance company and now need to find a body shop to repair your vehicle, there are questions that you should ask when researching the best shops to have the work done. Like any other industry not all body shops

  • “Beating Mid-Summer Arizona Heat: Tips for Summer Car Care”
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    “Beating Mid-Summer Arizona Heat: Tips for Summer Car Care”

    When you think of ‘summer’, what do you picture? Trips to the beach, family cookouts, or relaxing by the pool? What about sweating on the side of the road in 100-degree heat with a steaming engine or a flat-tire? Probably not.  Mid-summer car care is important! We’d bet that being a stranded motorist isn’t your

  • “How Online Reviews Can Help You Choose an Auto Body Shop”
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    “How Online Reviews Can Help You Choose an Auto Body Shop”

    Stats show that 92% of today’s consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. So, it’s likely that before you buy a new microwaive or a washer and dryer set, you’ll be scouring the internet searching for what others have to say about the product. But do you do the same thing when choosing an

  • “Driverless Cars: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…”
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    “Driverless Cars: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…”

          Driverless cars are coming to the streets and highways sooner than later. Despite the legal wrangling between Google and Uber over the technology itself, it is predicted by some that 60% of cars on the road in the next 10 years will be driverless, although no one knows for sure.      

  • “Professional Car Detailing—More Than Meets the Eye!”
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    “Professional Car Detailing—More Than Meets the Eye!”

           The physical condition of your car is a huge part of your overall driving satisfaction. Whether it’s the shiny exterior or that “new car” smell, there’s no better feeling than riding in a clean vehicle. To keep your car or truck like new, it has to be cleaned on a regular basis

  • “Small Scratch And Dent Repair For Your Vehicle”
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    “Small Scratch And Dent Repair For Your Vehicle”

    If you’ve owned your car for any significant amount of time, there is a good chance that it has gained some “battle scars” along the way. Small dents and paint scratches on the doors, bumpers and hood of a vehicle are common and often go unnoticed or get ignored by owners. Sometimes they are created

  • “Avoiding Tire Blowout Related Collisions”
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    “Avoiding Tire Blowout Related Collisions”

    Tire blowouts are one of the most common causes of car accidents. These crashes often happen at high rates of speed, resulting in physical damage to the vehicle and injuries to its driver. The National Transportation Safety Board says that on average, 500 people die every year in tire-related passenger vehicle crashes and 19,000 of

  • “Auto Body Shop vs Auto Repair Shop: Knowing Who to Call”
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    “Auto Body Shop vs Auto Repair Shop: Knowing Who to Call”

       Many people think that the terms ‘auto body’ and ‘auto repair’ are synonymous. After all, both types of businesses deal with damaged vehicles in some capacity and have qualified technicians that can help get your ride back on the road. However, auto body and repair shops have very different specializations. Just like you wouldn’t

  • “Keeping Up With Vehicle Recalls”
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    “Keeping Up With Vehicle Recalls”

    In 2016, vehicle recalls reached an all-time high at 53.2 million vehicles. This was a 7 percent increase over the previous high of 51.1 million in 2015. Specifically, over 42 million vehicles were affected by faulty airbag inflators. This marks the largest American safety recall of all time and leading to at least 16 deaths.

  • “Safety Tips That Can Help You Avoid a Collision”
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    “Safety Tips That Can Help You Avoid a Collision”

    A collision is something most people don’t think about until it happens. Even if the crash isn’t major, an accident can have long-lasting effects on your financial, emotional, and physical health. Doctor’s bills, increases in insurance premiums, anxiety, and expensive vehicle repairs that are the result of a collision can be overwhelming to say the

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    “Long Term Vehicle Storage: How to Prep Your Car or Truck”

          There are many reasons why a person would need to store their vehicle for an extended period of time. Trips out of the country, military deployments, moves, and even changes of seasons can lead drivers to seek long-term vehicle storage options for their cars and trucks. One mistake that owners often make

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    “3 Reasons Why DIY Towing Isn’t a Good Idea”

      After a collision or vehicle break down, one of the first decisions to make is where to have your vehicle towed. This decision is coupled with another one: how to get it there. Most driver’s first call is a tow truck. But because this can be an added expense that often requires upfront payment,

  • “7 Steps Drivers Should Take After an Accident”
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    “7 Steps Drivers Should Take After an Accident”

    The period just following a car accident can be one of the scariest times of a person’s life. Just seconds before, you were driving along happily and then- boom- your entire world is turned upside down. In these moments, it can seem impossible to stay calm. However, remaining level headed is a must. The decisions

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    “Curb Check-4 Reasons To Never Ignore It!”

        Bumping into a curb–or a “curb check”– is a minor driving hazard that even experienced drivers have made. When it happens, most of us think little of it and continue on our way. We certainly don’t think of it as a reason to see a collision specialist.        But making contact

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    “New Vehicle Technologies: Shaping The Future”

             Collisions cost the U.S. $871 billion dollars each year. Funded by consumers through insurance premiums and tax dollars, the costs outlined in this staggering statistic provided by the NHTSA represent the real consequences traffic accidents can bring about. So what, if anything,  can be done to prevent collisions and lower the

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    “The Importance of Bumper Repair”

                    Your car’s bumper is critical component. Contrary to popular belief, although they aren’t safety features, bumpers do have a specific role and appropriate bumper repair is very important for reasons listed below.        According to the NHTAS, they are “designed to protect the hood, trunk,

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    “How to Prevent Backover Accidents”

           Every year, thousands of children are killed or seriously injured in backover accidents. These are accidents that occur when reversing driver fails to see a child in their path and strikes or runs over them with a vehicle.  Though most don’t think of this type of collision as common, every week in

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    “How to Choose The Best Car Insurance”

             All car insurance is not created equal. Anyone who has ever dealt with a difficult insurance agency knows this to be fact. Unfortunately, most of the time it is only after a crash occurs that a driver realizes that their policy isn’t worth the paper it is written on. At that

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    “Three Questions to Ask For A Rental Car”

        Although every collision is different, there are certain issues that most drivers have to deal with after a collision. One of the most common is securing a rental car while auto repairs are being made. Though the process shouldn’t be stressful, it can cause anxiety when there are added expenses or the process

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    “Traveling Tips for Holiday Drivers”

    Tis the season..for car repairs? Nothing says holiday time like traveling to be with family and friends. But wintertime travel can come with costly repairs that put a damper on the family fun, especially if you’re not prepared for them. If you’re one of the 50 million people traveling during this holiday season, keep the

  • “Drowsy Driving Collisions and How to Avoid Them”

      1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and over $12.5 billion in monetary damage in related collisions every year. These are the statistics of drowsy driving. Even more so than driving under the influence, driving while sleepy is a common occurrence. According to research gathered by Drowsydriving.org, drowsy driving crashes are a serious risk to our young people

  • “Totaled Vehicle: What Does This Mean?”

        Coping with the aftermath of a collision is difficult no matter what level of damage a vehicle has sustained. This stress can increase significantly when a vehicle is declared a total loss by an insurance company. Although this is a fairly common situation, it’s important to know what it means for a vehicle

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    “What to Do After an Out of Town Car Crash”

      Nothing is scarier than a car accident. Except maybe a car crash that happens out of town. Collisions can bring up intense and overwhelming feelings of fear and helplessness. When a crash occurs in a place that’s unfamiliar, those emotions intensify. Each state has varying laws about what steps to take after an accident.

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    “4 Things Not To Do After a Collision Repair”

    o You wrecked your car and then had it repaired by a qualified repair shop. Now that your car is back to pristine condition, you’re ready to get back to life (and the road) as usual. Like most drivers, you don’t realize that there is a period of “recoup” time that follows certain repairs. Putting

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    “Frame Repair After a Collision”

    You step out of your vehicle after a collision and scan the exterior of your car for crash-related damage. Like most of us, you’re concerned with the scratches, dents, and other surface damage that are in plain sight. But after an accident, the worst of the damage may be hidden deeper and related to the

  • Original Manufacturer Parts and Insurance Companies
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    Original Manufacturer Parts and Insurance Companies

        Original manufacturer parts are important.  After an accident, it’s likely that you will have contact with at least two businesses: the insurance company handling your claim and the auto body shop handling your repairs. Although it would seem as if these guys would be partners, insurance companies and real auto body repair experts

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    “Auto Body Repair: Dent vs. Ding”

    You walk out of the grocery store and place your bags in the trunk. When opening the driver’s side door, you notice something that wasn’t there before. There’s a ding: dead center. In a previous blog, we talked about the fact that dents can be purely superficial. They can also hide more profound damage. But

  • “Roadside Assistance Coverage-Get It!”

    “Roadside Assistance Coverage-Get It!”

    Collisions and roadside emergencies can bring out a mixture of emotions from even the calmest driver. Even something as easy to fix as a flat tire can turn into a full-blown disaster if it happens in a place where help isn’t readily available. Recent stats show that 12% of all roadside fatalities occur on the

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    “How to Survive a Car Crash”

    Of all the disturbing events a human being can go through during their lifetime, a serious car crash is one of the most traumatic. Those who survive a serious collision often spend months picking up the pieces physically, emotionally, and financially. Sometimes, the process takes years. Then there are fatal crashes where loss of life

  • “Your Car’s Resale Value-How To Increase It”
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    “Your Car’s Resale Value-How To Increase It”

      If you are a vehicle owner, it’s likely that there will come a day when you will want to trade-in or sell your car or truck. One of the most important parts of this process is determining your vehicle’s resale value. In simple times, this is your car’s worth at the time of sale

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    “The Danger of Do it Yourself Auto Body Repairs”

                    There are some auto body repairs that can be done at home. Common “do-it-yourself” ventures include paint touch-ups, repairing scratches, pulling out dents, and replacing windshields. With so many DIY repair videos on internet sites like YouTube and social media outlets, it’s tempting to save the money you

  • “What to Do About Car Paint Issues”
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    “What to Do About Car Paint Issues”

    It’s frustrating to discover that the healthy coat of paint that once covered your vehicle is now fading. Peeling and rusting paint is even worse. It’s often tough to pinpoint the exact cause of paint damage. Sun damage and dings/dents are common culprits. It’s best to protect your vehicle before the damage begins, but there are

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    “Buying a Used Car? Questions to Ask…”

                  Buying a used car can be a complicated process that comes with serious risks, including the possibility of driving away with a ‘lemon.’ Getting a good deal involves more than a low price tag. To be truly satisfied long term, you’ll need to weigh your options carefully. Thankfully,

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    “Airbags-Safety and Risks”

                 Most drivers know that airbags are life-saving mechanisms that deploy when you are involved in a crash, but let’s tell you little about how they work. Though they are essential, there are risks associated with these devices. Because of the possibility of injury associated with them (and when not

  • “Regular Car Maintenance Just Makes Sense”

             We hear talk about car maintenance all the time.  This is important in all kinds of weather to prevent collisions or breakdowns.  Whether you live in the heat of the southwest or the cold of the northeast, it’s critical to take care of certain parts of your vehicle on a regular

  • Which Vehicle Will Keep You Safe in a Collision?

    Which Vehicle Will Keep You Safe in a Collision?

      Car accidents take the lives of over a million people each year, and an additional 30 million plus are injured. In the past, we have talked about how to avoid collisions as well as how to survive them, but a huge part of surviving a car crash isn’t what you do but what kind

  • “5 Strange Car Smells and What They Mean”
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    “5 Strange Car Smells and What They Mean”

    One of the best ways to know if something is wrong with your vehicle is to use your five senses. If you see steam rising from your hood, hearing a clinking noise, or touching an unusually warm surface can all be warning signs that something is wrong. But what about strange car smells? Many drivers

  • “Inspecting Your Car After Auto Body Repairs”

    “Inspecting Your Car After Auto Body Repairs”

    After your car is involved in a collision or suffers body damage, finding a reputable auto body shop is a top priority. After repairs have been made, many vehicle owners feel so relieved to have their car or truck back in their possession that they don’t take the time to make sure repairs are up

  • “The Latest on Self-Driving Cars”

    “The Latest on Self-Driving Cars”

    Several months back, we covered self-driving cars in a blog post that outlined the pros and cons of these driverless vehicles. A driverless car is an autonomous vehicle designed to travel without a human driver. The idea for self-driving cars has been around for many years, but when Google announced the developing and testing of

  • “Fender Benders: What to Do if You Hit a Parked Car”
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    “Fender Benders: What to Do if You Hit a Parked Car”

    When most people picture a collision, they see two drivers crashing their vehicles into each other. Sometimes there’s smoke and fireworks, other collisions are simple fender benders. You may know how to survive a car crash where another driver is at fault. But what about crashes in which only one driver is involved? Figuring out

  • “Getting a Second Opinion on a Damage Estimate”
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    “Getting a Second Opinion on a Damage Estimate”

    The days and weeks following a car crash can be extremely stressful. After a collision, several things have to be dealt with. First, you have to get contact information from the other driver, contact the proper authorities, and notify your insurance provider. After that, one of the most important matters is finding a reputable auto

  • “Preparing Your Teen Driver for the Road”

    “Preparing Your Teen Driver for the Road”

    Nothing shakes the nerves of a parent more than teaching a child to drive. It may not be the most stressful part of parenting a teenager, but preparing your teen driver for the road definitely makes the top five. Even if you have no anxiety when teaching your child to drive, it’s still a serious

  • “Things You Shouldn’t Ignore After a Car Crash”

    “Things You Shouldn’t Ignore After a Car Crash”

    Consider this scenario: it’s been a few days since you had a minor car crash. You didn’t think there was any major damage, so you haven’t taken it to a mechanic or body repair shop. But all of a sudden, you’re noticing some things that never happened before. Maybe the check engine light has popped

  • “Emergency Car Kits for Critical Situations”

    “Emergency Car Kits for Critical Situations”

    Have you ever been traveling in an area or a road that is deserted, driving alone, or through bad weather? If you have, then you know that at any time, lousy luck can test your skills and readiness. During any road trip, you might come across a time when you are in need of assistance,

  • “Avoiding Rear-End Collisions”

    “Avoiding Rear-End Collisions”

    Rear-end collisions are so common that most of us will experience one or more during our lifetime. We can’t prevent all rear-end collisions, but there are some common-sense things that we can do to avoid crashing into the car in front of us, and also lessen the chances of other drivers rear-ending us. Keep a

  • “Self-Driving Cars—The Evolution Of This Technology”
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    “Self-Driving Cars—The Evolution Of This Technology”

    With the first fatality involving a pedestrian and an Uber self-driving car last March in Tempe, Arizona, this new technology is now undergoing some transformation in the way the technology itself is perceived as well as it’s future.  This incident has brought up questions that could affect the research and industry itself. Below are 3

  • “Driving Safely with Pets in the Car”

    “Driving Safely with Pets in the Car”

    If you are ever in doubt that cats and dogs are from different planets, a car ride would settle the matter once and for all. Dogs dash to the car at the slightest hint that a trip could be in their immediate future, while the same hint will send cats scurrying in the opposite direction.

  • “How To Change A Flat Tire In 15 Minutes”
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    “How To Change A Flat Tire In 15 Minutes”

    If you drive a car, sooner or later you will have a flat tire. You can either stand on the side of the road, hoping a kind motorist will stop and change your tire for you, or you can take matters into your own hands and learn how to do it yourself. It’s easier than

  • “Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready”

    “Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready”

    The family has approved the itinerary, the accommodation is booked, and the pet sitter has agreed to move in to look after your furry companions. The sunscreen is packed, and the family is ready to pile into the car for their annual vacation. But is your vehicle also road trip ready? It’s worth spending the

  • “What To Do About Auto Repairs Gone Wrong”

    “What To Do About Auto Repairs Gone Wrong”

    You had a collision, and your car has been in the auto body shop for what feels like ages, but at last, it’s ready, and you can’t wait to pick it up. As happy as you are, you remain calm enough to inspect your car before paying the auto body shop and driving off. And

  • “Do Insurance Rates Rise After an Accident?”
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    “Do Insurance Rates Rise After an Accident?”

    It’s bad enough that you’ve been involved in a car accident. But for many drivers, the collision itself is just the beginning of the nightmare. According to Insurancequotes.com, filing only one claim can cause a driver to pay up to 41% more for car insurance. This fact leads to many questions to be asked. Will

  • “Avoid Road Rage Incidents While Driving”

    “Avoid Road Rage Incidents While Driving”

    Road rage is so common that we’re all likely to experience at least one incident during our driving lives. Sometimes the aggressive driver gets over his road rage quite quickly; a couple of rude hand gestures and cuss words, and the situation ends without injury to either party. Other times it’s much nastier; drivers abandon

  • “Know What Your Car Warranty Covers”

    “Know What Your Car Warranty Covers”

    If you don’t enjoy expensive surprises at inconvenient times, it’s worth taking time to understand what your car warranty covers and what it doesn’t. You may assume that your car warranty provides roadside assistance when you have a breakdown, only to discover that it doesn’t at a time when you most need it.  Or perhaps

  • “Wearing a Seat Belt-It DOES Matter!”

    “Wearing a Seat Belt-It DOES Matter!”

    We’ve all heard the excuses people give for refusing to wear a seat belt. “I’m just going around the corner.” “It makes me feel claustrophobic.” “I want to get out of the car quickly if it’s on fire” or the all-time favorite, “I’m a good driver, and I never go over the speed limit.” The

  • “What to Do In a Hit and Run Accident”

    “What to Do In a Hit and Run Accident”

    It’s bad enough to be involved in a collision, but hit and run accidents are even more distressing. When a car smashes into you and then speeds off, or you return to your safely parked car only to find it damaged, you may feel both angry and helpless because you don’t know who did it

  • “The Dangers of Unbalanced Tires”
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    “The Dangers of Unbalanced Tires”

     Having the correct tire pressure and enough tread  are essential for safe driving, as well as making sure you don’t have unbalanced tires. The weight of the tires is unevenly distributed around the wheel, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Even worse, your car could be damaged, and your personal safety may be at risk. Below

  • “7 Things to do After a Motorcycle Accident.”

    “7 Things to do After a Motorcycle Accident.”

    A motorcyclist can do everything right, take every safety precaution, and still be the victim of a nasty motorcycle accident.  The reality is that many drivers are not vigilant about looking out for motorcyclists. Drivers don’t check their blind spot when they change lanes, or a driver parks and opens the car door without checking for

  • “4 Bad Driving Habits You Should Change”

    “4 Bad Driving Habits You Should Change”

    Bad driving habits lead to collisions and injury. When we first get our driver’s license, we’re acutely aware of how to drive safely and what not to do.  As time goes by however, and driving becomes second nature, we forget what we learned in Driver’s Ed. We then  may not drive as safely as we

  • “Insurance Payout: Do I Have to Fix My Car?”

    “Insurance Payout: Do I Have to Fix My Car?”

    If you’ve had a major collision and your car is so severely damaged that you can’t drive it, you have no choice but to use your insurance payout to have your vehicle repaired. But what if you only have minor damage like a small scratch and dent? Perhaps you want to use the cash from

  • “Driverless Cars and the Future of Body Shops”
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    “Driverless Cars and the Future of Body Shops”

    Every technological advancement comes with a price. An innovation that means growth and improvement for one sector could easily devastate another. One of the major tech trends right now is the driverless cars. Not just a thing of the future, cars that require no actual human driver to operate are actually being tested (probably in

  • “Texting while Driving Brings Body Shops Business”

    “Texting while Driving Brings Body Shops Business”

    Texting is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, texting while driving is a pervasive problem that causes collisions and costs lives. The way we communicate with others has changed significantly over the past two decades. We no longer have to wait until we get home to make a call. The pay phone booths

  • “The 3 Common Causes of Car Accidents”

    “The 3 Common Causes of Car Accidents”

    In the US, car accidents are still the leading cause of death for anyone under the age of 55. You are more likely to die while driving to work than from cancer, homicide, or any other cause of death. Even when crashes aren’t fatal, they leave devastating effects on everyone involved. This includes costly auto

  • “Statistics and Costs of a Car Accident”
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    “Statistics and Costs of a Car Accident”

    Most people probably don’t think about the prospect of getting into a car accident over the course of their lifetime, unless they experience a catastrophic collision that kills or disables a friend or loved one.  If you get your license by the age of 16, the odds are definitely good that you will get into

  • “An Online Estimate– A Time-Saving Idea”

    “An Online Estimate– A Time-Saving Idea”

    Getting an online estimate is one of the advantages of the internet today. A car accident, from a small fender-bender to a collision that may involve injuries, can be a very emotional and nerve-wracking time for people.  When this occurs and everything else is taken care of regarding police reports, making sure no one is

  • “Rear End Collisions Facts”

    “Rear End Collisions Facts”

    Most traffic accidents are rear end collisions and chances are you’ve either been in a small fender bender or a more serious rear end collision in your life. From these smallest accidents to major collisions, this happens to millions of vehicle owners each year and can cost costly damage repair, lost time and aggravation. Fortunately,

  • “Traffic Accident Deaths Up in Last Few Years”

    “Traffic Accident Deaths Up in Last Few Years”

    Traffic accident deaths continue to hold steady the last two years despite the fact that car manufacturers have developed new safety technologies.  Features like electronic stability control systems to prevent skidding, rearview cameras that help to prevent minor fender benders and more airbags to protect passengers in accidents have been developed to decrease fatalities and

  • “Distracted Driving From Smartphones”

    “Distracted Driving From Smartphones”

    Distracted driving continues to be in the top four reasons for fatal collisions.  Speeding, drinking and not wearing seat belts round out the other causes that take approximately 40,000 lives every year. The increased use of smartphones over the last several years has caused accidents from distracted driving to rise.  With things like Facebook, other

  • “5 Causes of Vehicle Collisions”

    “5 Causes of Vehicle Collisions”

    Vehicle collisions are very common in the United States.  The majority of vehicle collisions are caused by human error and many of these can be prevented. There are other reasons, however, for a collision that sometimes can’t be helped. Although the majority of these accidents are minor, thousands of lives are still taken every year

  • “Autonomous Cars, Collisions and Auto Body Shops”

    “Autonomous Cars, Collisions and Auto Body Shops”

    Autonomous cars technology continues to move forward.  With various players including Google, Apple and Uber continually testing the technology to refine it and the number of “connected cars” on the road is expected to top 250 million by 2020.  Connected cars are cars that are equipped with internet access and usually also with a wireless

  • “Family Owned Body Shops: A Better Choice”

    “Family Owned Body Shops: A Better Choice”

    People with a family owned body shop have faced competition with the bigger chain companies over the last couple of decades.  With competition at an all-time high in just about every industry, the auto body repair business is no different.  With the big chain auto body repair shops buying smaller shops and forcing others out

  • “New Year Auto Body Hazards to Look For”

    “New Year Auto Body Hazards to Look For”

    There are several auto body hazards you should always be aware of. This article explains five of them to look for.

  • “Body Shop Estimates—Why They Vary”

    “Body Shop Estimates—Why They Vary”

    When you’re in a collision, there are certain steps to take once you and your passengers (if you have any) are safe.  If your car is still drivable, you’ll first call your insurance company to report the damage.  After this, getting body shop estimates are the next step. We get asked from time to time

  • “Collision Insurance vs. Comprehensive in Arizona”

    “Collision Insurance vs. Comprehensive in Arizona”

    Many people are confused by the difference between comprehensive and collision insurance.  They both cover your car but for different reasons.  Although having the minimum coverage of liability insurance is required in every state, neither collision or comprehensive insurance is legally required in any state.   However, both types of insurance can be lifesavers. Collision

  • “Do-It-Yourself Roadside Assistance”

    “Do-It-Yourself Roadside Assistance”

    Roadside assistance plans are a great thing to have and there are many plans to choose from today. Most insurance companies offer this option with their policies and there are a variety of options.   Many people ask if they really need it.  This depends on a number of factors, including how old your vehicle

  • “Auto Body Repair 101—The Painting Process”
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    “Auto Body Repair 101—The Painting Process”

    This is the first article in a series that will explain the basics of what an auto body shop does when repairing a vehicle after a collision.  Please bear in mind that every body shop is different and these articles only outline the basic procedure of the particular repair process.  Some body shops will use

  • “Auto Body Repair 101—The Repair Process”

    “Auto Body Repair 101—The Repair Process”

    In this second part in our series on the auto body repair process, we’ll explain the estimate and actual structural repair process.  It’s easy to assume the process is simple. However, there are a lot of details in this process beginning with the estimate of repairs. Estimates Estimates today are done a number of ways. 

  • “Auto Body Repair 101- Professional Detailing”

    “Auto Body Repair 101- Professional Detailing”

    The repair process after an accident is one with many different phases. First, there is an examination of the vehicle. Then the actual repairs are made. Paint and other minor issues are touched up. Then finally, the auto body shop taking care of these repairs has the responsibility of cleaning the car through a professional

  • “Polymer Degradation: Is Your Car At Risk?”

    “Polymer Degradation: Is Your Car At Risk?”

    How many times have you ever heard the term polymer degradation? Every industry has its own jargon. In a school setting, ‘cooperative learning’ is heard often while you might here a police officer saying ‘code 5’ while engaging in radio talk. One common subject that comes up often in auto body shops is the discussion

  • “Interior Repairs that Body Shops Provide”

    “Interior Repairs that Body Shops Provide”

    Autobody repairs are rarely considered an ‘inside job.’ In fact, when thinking of what autobody shop workers do, it is the outer fixes that usually come to mind.  But interior repairs that body shops provide are important too. From auto detailing to carpet and upholstery repair, is are a lot of work that can be

  • “4 Smartphone Driving Apps That Help Prevent Accidents”

    “4 Smartphone Driving Apps That Help Prevent Accidents”

    Smartphone driving apps are making a difference in cutting down collisions on the highways.  Every year, millions of U.S. drivers are involved in preventable car accidents. One of the leading causes of collisions, especially with young drivers, is distracted driving. This includes texting while driving. As well as talking on the phone or to others

  • “Repairs for Classic Cars”

    “Repairs for Classic Cars”

    Around the world, thousands of vintage vehicles need auto body repairs to get back on the road again. This is especially true of cars that have been around for more than twenty years. The renovations to these automobiles are to help keep them in tip-top-shape like when they were first made. But repairs for classic

  • ” Rust Removal for Cars: Auto Body Shops Can Help”

    ” Rust Removal for Cars: Auto Body Shops Can Help”

    Rust and dust. It’s no coincidence that these two words rhyme. Rust can turn your vehicle to dust in no time if you don’t take it seriously. Thankfully, we at Orlando Auto Body know everything there is to know about rust removal for cars! And we can tell you how to fight back. The following

  • “Windshield Repair vs. Windshield Replacement”

    “Windshield Repair vs. Windshield Replacement”

    Windshield repair is a common occurrence.  In a crash or some other road incident, windshields are often damaged or broken. Although auto body shops aren’t particularly known for glass work, many are now offering windshield repair or replacement. We know that auto glass replacement is quite common in vehicles that have been involved in collisions,

  • “Motorcycle Collisions: 4 Tips for Reducing Wrecks”

    “Motorcycle Collisions: 4 Tips for Reducing Wrecks”

    Although an exciting activity, riding a motorcycle is a dangerous undertaking. Although motorcyclists drive less than one percent of all of the miles clocked each year, they are involved in a much higher percentage of crashes. According to highway safety stats, motorcycle collisions make up 15% of all fatal crashes. Many of these collisions also

  • “Vehicle Depreciation After a Car Accident-How to Minimize It”

    “Vehicle Depreciation After a Car Accident-How to Minimize It”

    It’s common knowledge that after a car accident, the value of your car or truck will go down quite a bit. Some times the insurance company may even total it, saying that the value of the vehicle is less than what it would cost to fix it. But what about cases where the vehicle isn’t

  • “Collision Repair Terms Everyone Should Know”

    “Collision Repair Terms Everyone Should Know”

    Insurance company stats say that the average driver will file a claim every 18 years. So, odds are, by 36 you will have had at least one car crash. Of course, we hope that everyone stays collision-free. But just in case, it’s helpful to learn some of the most basic collision repair terms. This way,

  • “Collision Action Plan (CAP): Why You Should Have One”

    “Collision Action Plan (CAP): Why You Should Have One”

    Having a collision action plan can help you deal with the aftermath of a car accident if one occurs. This article explains why.  No one wakes up in the morning and says “I think I’ll have a car accident today,” and yet, it happens. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports the number of

  • “Car Theft Prevention Tips”

    “Car Theft Prevention Tips”

    Car theft is still a prevalent problem in the U.S.  The FBI reported that 773,000 cars were stolen in 2017 and the Insurance Information Institute claims that a motor vehicle is stolen every 40.9 seconds in the U.S. That’s a lot of cars! Even as motorists take increasingly sophisticated measures to protect themselves from car

  • “Spring Car Maintenance Checklist”

    “Spring Car Maintenance Checklist”

    Springtime is the season of fresh starts. Most of us “spring clean” our houses every year, but what about our vehicles? Even in Arizona where winters aren’t as harsh as other areas of the country, the chilly period can still be rough on your car. With summer right around the corner and road trips in

  • “Car Theft Prevention Tips: What You Can Do”

    “Car Theft Prevention Tips: What You Can Do”

    On average, over 777,000 vehicles are stolen in the U.S. each year. Anti-theft measures designed by automakers have brought this number down significantly since the 1990s. Still, there is a significant chance that thieves could get their hands on your ride. Knowing what precautions to take greatly reduces this risk since the Arizona Automobile Theft

  • “Hailstorm Driving: Tips for Safety”

    “Hailstorm Driving: Tips for Safety”

    If you’ve ever been caught up in a hailstorm, you know what a scary stretch of driving time this can be. Hailstorms are extremely dangerous to drive in and are a spring collision threat.  Unlike other types of driving difficulties like heavy traffic or closed lanes, falling chunks of ice can be hard to predict.

  • “Trailer Hitch Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Accidents”

    “Trailer Hitch Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Accidents”

    Using a trailer hitch the right way can cause fatal accidents. Because of this risk, it is critical that every driver planning to pull a trailer learn to secure it correctly. You don’t have to be a professional to attach a truck and trailer hitch the right way. You do need to learn the proper

  • “Work Zone Collisions–How to Avoid Them “

    “Work Zone Collisions–How to Avoid Them “

    Nobody really thinks about this, but with the summer coming up, we thought an article on avoiding work zone collisions might be in order.  When you hear the phrase ‘highway work zone safety,’ images come to mind? Orange cones, flashing lights, and barriers might be part of what comes to mind. Or maybe you imagine

  • Teen Accidents: Collision Prevention Tips

    Teen Accidents: Collision Prevention Tips

    Teen accidents involving vehicles are the leading cause of death for 13 to 17 year-olds in the US. According to the CDC, six teen drivers die every day in car crashes. That number is even higher for teenage passengers. If you are between the ages of 16 and 19, you are three times more likely

  • Pedestrian Collisions: Increasing Safety

    Pedestrian Collisions: Increasing Safety

    Pedestrian collisions are not something we prepare for typically. When thinking about a car crash, most of us envision two vehicles barreling into one another. However, accidents involving drivers and people not inside of a vehicle are far more common than one might think. Causing around 6,000 fatalities per year, pedestrian collisions are preventable accidents

  • “Temporary Car Insurance: Short-term Options”

    “Temporary Car Insurance: Short-term Options”

    Temporary car insurance is something that drivers look for when coverage is only needed for a short period of time. Typically, insurers require drivers to agree to 6 months to a year of coverage. However, drivers need shorter-termed options at times. In the US, getting temporary car insurance is tricky, but possible. One common example

  • My Car Is Totaled and I still Owe Money: Next Steps

    My Car Is Totaled and I still Owe Money: Next Steps

    ‘My car is totaled’ is a reality that few drivers ever want to face. However, having a vehicle ruled a total loss is a common experience for many people involved in accidents. What adds to the trauma and shock of dealing with a collision is having to figure out how to cover the continuing car

  • “What Do Stolen Cars Have in Common?”

    “What Do Stolen Cars Have in Common?”

    Car thieves crack down on unattended vehicles left and right. But when you dig a little deeper, you can start uncovering patterns in theft. And this knowledge helps you work just a little smarter to protect yourself from greedy criminals. Just what are some of the things the nation’s most commonly stolen cars have in

  • “Auto Body Repairs: The Most Common Ones”

    “Auto Body Repairs: The Most Common Ones”

    It’s almost a universal fact: if you drive enough, you will probably need car repairs. And, beyond the oil changes and gas cap replacements, eventually you’ll probably find yourself needing auto body repairs. Although some body work does result from car crashes, that is not always the case. In fact, some of the more common

  • Proactively Protect Yourself from Car Theft

    Proactively Protect Yourself from Car Theft

    When you have lived your life inside the lines of the law, you know logically that car theft is a very real threat, but still find it hard to think like a car thief. To know your enemy is to be all the better prepared against him and so, with that in mind, here are

  • What Causes Car Paint to Peel?

    What Causes Car Paint to Peel?

    After you have your vehicle for some time, you may notice that your car paint starts to peel. In fact, this is a problem that can affect even new cars! Whether it is a thin scratch that’s starting to widen or you find chips and chunks starting to flake, it is without a doubt a

  • Prepare your Car for a Summer Road Trip

    Prepare your Car for a Summer Road Trip

    It’s finally the season of vacations and time away from work, which means it’s also time for a good old-fashioned summer road trip! Before you  head out on the open road, though, you should make sure you are prepared. Aside from packing lists and sightseeing itineraries and snack planning, the most important pre-trip step is

  • Car Insurance: Top Tips to Save you Cash

    Car Insurance: Top Tips to Save you Cash

    All the cute geckos and funny accident anecdotes in the world can’t mask the fact that car insurance can be a pain. From comparing plans to deciding payment frequency to actually making those car insurance payments, it’s definitely no fun. We all want to save money. With a few of these industry-recommended top tips, you

  • Auto Detailing: What you Can Do v. the Pros

    Auto Detailing: What you Can Do v. the Pros

    It’s no lie to say that many car owners take pride in our vehicles. And that means that auto detailing is a very important part of regular car maintenance. Keeping a car in top notch aesthetic condition is an ongoing project. And while it’s true that car care begins at home, there are also some

  • How to Protect your Car Exterior

    How to Protect your Car Exterior

    Your vehicle is often your pride and joy, so the care you take for it definitely extends to the car exterior. From protecting the paint to defending your glass, the worries never end. It’s a cruel world out there, so just what can you do to keep your car exterior shiny and new? From best

  • “Top 6 Tips to Extend your Car Life”

    “Top 6 Tips to Extend your Car Life”

    Let’s face it: Buying a car is expensive – and you probably like what you drive – so you are likely to want to extend your car life. You’ll want to keep your vehicle running well and looking like new. And with these industry tips, you can get the most out of your car’s years.

  • “Back to School Driving: Stay Safe, Stay Aware”

    “Back to School Driving: Stay Safe, Stay Aware”

    It was only out for the summer, not forever: that’s right, it’s time for back to school and, by default, back to school driving. There are a few certainties – like death and taxes – this time of year. From increased traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian) to a spike in peripheral dangers, back to school

  • How do Seat Belts Keep you Safe?

    How do Seat Belts Keep you Safe?

    Seat belts are more than status quo with safe driving anymore. From those “buckle up or get pulled over” warnings on highways to the seat alarms that make sure you stay clicked in, seat belt safety has evolved over the years to become not only normal but necessary. In fact, buckling up has become such

  • All About an Oil Change

    All About an Oil Change

    As part of regular car maintenance, you already know that an oil change is about as basic as it comes. Whether you follow the time rule, the mileage rule or you just wait for that little light to pop up on your dash imploring you to please change your oil, you know that oil must

  • Oh, Deer – What to do About Hitting a Deer

    Oh, Deer – What to do About Hitting a Deer

    It’s the classic hitting a deer horror story. You are driving along a road, it may be bright and sunny or dark and hard to see, then WHAM. Something that has not embraced natural selection comes barreling in front of or into your car. Yup. You, like any of the approximately 1.23 million people a

  • “Busting Car Color Myths”

    “Busting Car Color Myths”

    One of the more fun parts of car shopping is the rainbow of car color options. It’s no secret that there are all kinds of color psychology. Does black make you seem powerful? Are red fans naturally high energy? And then there are the other concerns around car color: namely, does hue correlate to safety,

  • Wax Your Car (Almost) like a Pro

    Wax Your Car (Almost) like a Pro

    Once you have that perfect colored car and you’ve done your diligence in making sure it is kept clean on down to the details (complete with a professional wax job), wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wax your car to keep it not only protected but looking sharp? Maximize the time between your

  • “The Deal with Catalytic Converters”

    “The Deal with Catalytic Converters”

    For any driver, the thought of a car being stolen is usually top of mind, but rarely thought of is catalytic converter theft.  However, that is one bit of crime that’s on the rise. Little known to consumers but always a hot commodity, these pricey pieces are seeing a great spike in burglary popularity. Catalytic

  • How to Properly Wash Your Car

    How to Properly Wash Your Car

    As we’ve covered before, protecting your car’s exterior is important – and part of that protection means washing your car. Water stains, pollen, road grit, etc. are all waiting in the wings to muck up your vehicle. Luckily, though, a simple fix from the grime is to wash your car. But did you know there’s

  • Protect your Car in Parking Lots

    Protect your Car in Parking Lots

    Every time you go to the store, there is one constant concern: how to protect your car in the parking lot. In terms of proximity threats, parking lots are like a warzone. There’s the shopping cart dings. There’s the careless driver scrapes. There’s the kids darting out from behind rows. Basically, a parking lot is

  • “Halloween Driving Tips”

    “Halloween Driving Tips”

    It’s officially the spooky season! And while that means haunted movie nights, killer costumes and ghost stories galore, that also means it’s time for Halloween driving. Earlier sunset times coupled with kids taking to the streets can be a scary combo. Practice these tips especially for Halloween driving at night and stay safe. Car Courtesies

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