How To Tell if Your Car Was Repaired Correctly After a Collision

You’ve had a collision and you’ve gone through all the steps to get your vehicle repaired.  You took the car to your insurance company—or sent pictures of the damage—for an appraisal of the damage. You then got an estimate at your local body shop and had it repaired. You want it repaired so it looks like it did prior to your collision.

 For all intents and purposes, it looks good. From your standpoint, it looks like it was repaired to it’s original pre-accident condition, right?  Well, maybe not.   As the video below shows, it isn’t always easy to see if your vehicle was actually repaired correctly AND safely.

auto stiegler team photo

 Here are a few things that could have happened:

  1.  The body shop manager may not have made sure the repairs were done correctly by the shops technicians
  2. Parts that should have been replaced but weren’t
  3. After-market parts may have been used instead of original manufacturer equipment (OEM) parts.

It’s important–after repairs are completed– to check your vehicle or have another auto body shop check to see it if it’s been repaired correctly.   It’s like a second opinion for a doctor’s diagnosis.  When your safety–as well as your wallet– is at stake in the correct repair of your vehicle, shouldn’t you make sure you not only got it repaired to its true pre-accident condition as well as make sure it’s safe to drive?

At Orlando Auto Body, we strive to only use original manufactured equipment (OEM) parts for your vehicle. We take great care not to skimp on repairs and treat each car as if it’s our own. If you’ve been in a collision, CALL US NOW for an estimate. We treat every car as if it’s our own.