It’s almost a universal fact: if you drive enough, you will probably need car repairs. And, beyond the oil changes and gas cap replacements, eventually you’ll probably find yourself needing auto body repairs. Although some body work does result from car crashes, that is not always the case. In fact, some of the more common jobs come from day to day wear and tear.


An auto body repair so ubiquitous it almost goes without saying. Whether from a rogue shopping cart or a careless moment with the keys, paint is easily scratched. If you aren’t a fan of your prized vehicle bearing the marks of paint scarring, auto body repair shops can easily match the factory color and make that blemish disappear.

Paintless Dent Removal

Another common bit of work is removing dents from the bodies of cars. Whether it’s a small ding caused by a rock and a larger dent from a pole, if left untreated, these dents can lead to paint erosion and become bigger problems. So, it’s no wonder that removing dents is a common specialty of auto body repair shops.

Paintless dent removal makes use of technology and tools that ensure your car’s paint need not be sanded away. Rather, the dents are pushed back in place without disrupting your factory paint job. It’s a pretty painless deal!

Window Repairs, Window Replacements

Outside of those Safelite vans you see driving around, window related work is pretty common at body shops. Since glass damage can come in many forms ( chips, cracks and breaks) there is a whole gambit of repair versus replace options. If your damage is severe and due to an accident, a full replacement may be in order. If it is a smaller chip or a minor crack, not affecting the structural integrity, glass can actually be fixed and saved.

Bumper Dents

The good news about dented bumpers is that they usually have prevented a more serious dent. Bumpers exist to prevent damage to framework, so there is always an upside. Sometimes, the damage is too severe and your best bet is to replace the bumper in lieu of an auto body repair. Other times, the body shop may be able to pop those dings back out and ensure it is still safe.

Collision Repair

This is the big one. It’s also the one that springs to mind most when auto body repairs are mentioned. If you have been in an accident, you’re already operating at maximum stress. Fixing your car is a big worry that you want to solve right away.

Enter your trusty local repair shop. Collision repairs are not only incredibly common, but a strength of Orlando Auto Body as well. (How common are they? The National Transportation Safety Board reports there are roughly 1.7 million rear-end collisions alone in the U.S. every year.) Car crashes can result in dented framework, busted lights, scraped sides, etc.which is why it is important to do your research and find an auto body repair shop that is able to address a plethora of repairs.

Frame Testing, Frame Strengthening

Following an accident, it is almost expected that a car’s frame will sustain some amount of damage.

And a frame that’s been weakened or bent can mean a host of risks for a subsequent accident. Plus, a bent frame usually means an uneven alignment, poor handling and premature wear and tear on tires and steering. That’s why, even after a fender bender, it is common practice to have an auto body repair shop look over your car’s frame.

Generally, repair shop technicians will first visually inspect the frame for outwards signs of damage or trouble areas. Next, they’ll place your car on a frame alignment machine, which uses hydraulic force to strengthen the frame back to its original reliability. The final step is to ensure that the frame is straightened, by testing that your car tracks normally and thus is safer to drive.