Repairs for Classic Cars 

Simple Fixes

Dents and Scruffs

Like many cars, you’ll usually find dents and scruffs on antique vehicles.  These kinds of repairs for classic cars are important for antique vehicles that need to be touched up. Yes, it does take time, and you have to know what you’re doing to be able to fix these problems.  Sure,  you could make some of the repairs yourself. Instead, someone in the auto body field can work out these easy fixes, so further damage isn’t done.

These repairs are easy to handle by auto body shops, because of specialized tools and experience they already possess. The process is simple; these advanced appliances will slowly massage out the dents and scruffs, paintless or not. What once was a huge dent will look brand new after the repair process.

Paint Job

A touch up on paint is almost always needed when repairing a classic car. Finding a matching color can be difficult. Especially for vintage vehicles that were painted before a lot of us were even born. It takes time and dedication to get a paint job done precisely. Focus is required so that major mistakes aren’t made.

It is best to have auto body repairmen handle classic car paint repair jobs since they have the knowledge in situations such as touching up paint, canvassing, and applying paint.  Even though this kind of job takes time and money, it will make the old paint blend in with the new and make this vintage car look like a masterpiece. So, most car restorers consider this a must needed modification that will make your classic car fly enough to take on a joy ride.

auto stiegler team photo
classic car after repair

Frame Repair

Your naked eye cannot see all vehicle damage, especially when dealing with classic cars. One example is a bent or damaged frame. Make sure that you have the frame inspected before pouring money into surface repairs. It would be terrible to invest so much in a vehicle that isn’t even reparable.

More In-depth


These types of classic car repairs, require hard work no doubt. Time-consuming is the number one problem you might face when it comes to the preservation and restoration of an older vehicle.  When dealing with preservation and restoration, you are will probably keep some parts of your car as the same, and some replace others.


For example, you might keep its original color, but spruce up the inside. It’s the same car on the outside with advancements on the inside. This also relates to the frame up restoration (restoring motor, interior, body, paint, etc.) as well as the frame off restoration (frame inspection, all parts reconditioned, and lower body inspection).


Auto body repairs for classic cars are a much-needed part of getting the satisfaction you want and need from your vehicle.  If you take care of the fixes listed above, you will feel more confident in what you are driving.  Even with the expenses, you will not regret the decision of touching up and making these much-needed repairs for classic cars. Completing these classic car repairs will help you feel secure on the road while having the whole neighborhood staring at your new and improved antique.

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