The Danger of Do it Yourself Auto Body Repairs

There are some auto body repairs that can be done at home. Common “do-it-yourself” ventures include paint touch-ups, repairing scratches, pulling out dents, and replacing windshields. With so many DIY repair videos on internet sites like YouTube and social media outlets, it’s tempting to save the money you would spend at an auto body shop and tackle the repairs yourself. In some cases, the results will turn out just fine. But many times, the person doing the  DIY repair is left with auto body problems larger than the ones he had in the first place.

Unseen Issues

 One reason why a DIY repair may not go as planned occurs when the problem you set out to address isn’t the real problem at all. What might look like just a surface scratch could be hiding structural problems. This is especially true after a collision.

       Sometimes a small dent in a bumper is actually covering for a bent frame. If you pull out the dent and carry on without fixing the major issue, an accident could occur. If you take your vehicle to a professional auto body shop, trained technicians will make sure to look for any co-existing damage that a DIY job wouldn’t uncover.

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Car mechanic holding a wrench

Picky Paint

Another repair job that some drivers try to take on themselves is repairing smudges or chips in their paint. Because new types of paint make it easier than ever to touch-up paint jobs, vehicle owners like to go at this task alone as well. Unfortunately, matching the paint is much harder than buying it.

       Even if you are able to find the exact color, it probably won’t look the same. This is because paint formulas, especially for metallic coats, often require two or more coats. Sometimes they even require a special mix. The only thing that looks worse than chipped paint is paint that doesn’t match!

       Plus there’s always the possibility that you’ll make a mistake during the painting process. Auto body painters possess both a steady hand and professional technique that is gained from experience. For these reasons, it’s best to leave the painting to the pros!

Remove Rust

 The same goes for rust removal. Though television advertisements might make do-it-your-self rust removal seem simple, tackling rust at home is hard to do. Because rust usually penetrates deep down into cracks and crevices, a simple scrub won’t do the trick.

       Auto body professionals not only know where to look for hiding rust, they also know the technical processes it takes to remove it for good. So, save the twenty bucks you were going to spend on that magical rust product and invest it in real rust repair.

Windshield Wipeout

One final DIY repair project to leave to the professionals is windshield replacement. Thomas, a shade tree mechanic, learned this the hard way when he replaced a windshield for a family member. Two weeks after the repairs were completed, his cousin called him crying. She was driving in the middle of a thunderstorm and water was pouring into her vehicle from her windshield. It turned out that Thomas wasn’t as handy with sealant as he thought he was.

       Before taking on a DIY repair, call 480-485-4653 and let the professionals at Orlando Auto Body take a look. We can also take care of everything from the actual repairs to the filing of your insurance.