Consent to Release Information For A

    FREE Diminished Value Evaluation

    No Obligation

    No Recovery - No Fee


    Your vehicle may be worth less money if it has been damaged in an accident, regardless of the quality of repairs. This difference in the resale value of your car before and after an accident is called Diminished Value. In Arizona, diminished value is an element of damages recoverable from the person or entity that caused your crash. Sometimes, a portion of the diminished value can be recoverable even if someone else was only partially responsible for your crash.

    Car Crash Specialists, a legal service provider, will conduct a FREE Evaluation to determine if you have suffered a diminished value loss substantial enough to pursue. You are under No Obligation to use Car Crash Specialists’ services to process any diminished value claims.

    In the event that you hire Car Crash Specialists to make a diminished value claim, it will be on a contingency fee basis, meaning that if there is No Recovery, there is No Fee.

    In the event that a contingency fee is earned by Car Crash Specialists, some amount may be paid to Orlando Auto Body for their assistance with your diminished value recovery.

    I authorize that Orlando Auto Body furnish to:

    Kim R. Brown, Attorney
    Car Crash Specialists
    4500 S Lakeshore Dr Ste 355
    Tempe, AZ 85282
    (602) 918-5279

    any information, records, or other documentation that Orlando Auto Body may have concerning my vehicle, past and present, any auto accidents my vehicle has been involved in, and any related auto insurance information, and to permit the reading and copying of these reports, records, and information.

    I consent to Car Crash Specialists contacting me directly concerning my vehicle’s diminished value evaluation.

    This consent form is for Orlando Auto Body to release your information to assist Car Crash Specialists in assessing any diminished value loss.