Small Scratch And Dent Repair For Your Vehicle

If you’ve owned your car for any significant amount of time, there is a good chance that it has gained some “battle scars” along the way. Small dents and paint scratches on the doors, bumpers and hood of a vehicle are common and often go unnoticed or get ignored by owners. Sometimes they are created by nature through falling tree branches or small hail storms. Other times, cosmetic damage is caused by other drivers, like some people who think nothing of banging their beat-up car door into yours. Regardless of the origin, it’s important to address these little imperfections early on so that money can be saved down the road.  In other words, scratch and dent repair are important to the value of your vehicle.

Safety Risks

       Most of the time, small dings and scratches are just that, minor. However, there are times when what looks like a minor cosmetic issue is actually hiding mechanical or structural damage. Some modern cars have flexible bumper covers that can hide significant problems. For example, sometimes a small indention in a vehicle’s front or rear bumper can hide a bend in the metal behind it.  Also, leaving a scratch untreated can result in bending metal later on and instability while in operation. Having any dents or scratches checked out by a quality body shop can prevent further damage that would result from continuing to drive the vehicle un-repaired.

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scratches on car needing dent repair

Risk of Rust

       Another risk of leaving exterior scratches unfixed is the possibility of corrosion.  Since the mid-1990s, most cars have been built with fully galvanized panels that are corrosion resistant. This means that paint is mostly decorative now and is no longer an essential element to keep cars from corroding. However, a lower risk doesn’t mean rust damage isn’t possible. Exposed edges and larger scratches can lead to more extensive damage and costly repairs to your paint later. This is especially true in areas of high humidity since these are high-rust-risk areas for any exposed metal.  Again, scratch and dent repair–even small ones–are important for future trade-in or resale value.

Financial Woes

      One of the main reasons drivers don’t take care of minor cosmetic issues right away is the cost. However, waiting too long to make mechanical/structural damage, rust, and even cosmetic repairs can devalue your vehicle. Aesthetic dents may not harm you or stop your vehicle from getting you from point A to point B, but they can stop a sale down the road. For the best paintless dent repair Mesa has to offer, stop in and see us. In general, buyers feel that a car with a poorly maintained exterior will also have a poorly cared for interior. Any damages to your car’s exterior can lead to a lower resell value and cause you to lose more money than it would have cost to make those small repairs in the first place.

       If you are concerned about a dent or scratch, let Orlando Auto Body take care of the guess work and determine if your “ding” is purely cosmetic or structural. We also do paint-less dent repair. Regardless, our experienced technicians can quickly fix the issue and have your vehicle in mint-condition. Click here  for an estimate from our highly qualified staff.