Protect Your Car in Parking Lots

 Many people think that the terms ‘auto body’ and ‘auto repair’ are synonymous. After all, both types of businesses deal with damaged vehicles in some capacity and have qualified technicians that can help get your ride back on the road. However, auto body and repair shops have very different specializations. Just like you wouldn’t go to your general dentist for a root canal, you shouldn’t let just anyone make major repairs to your vehicle’s exterior. The following information can help you gain a better understanding of the key differences between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop so that you will know who to turn to if and when you have car troubles.


       Auto body shops have a specific focus: fixing the structural and cosmetic elements of a vehicle. Auto body technicians repair bumpers, replace windshields, perform paint jobs and much more. Unlike repair shops, auto body shops have the tools to realign cars, weld pieces together, and knock out dents. Many body shops offer other services such as auto detailing, but their outer specialization remains the same.

auto stiegler team photo
car parts after disassembling a car for auto body repair.

More Than Just Parts

       One of the reasons vehicle owners don’t understand the differences between auto body technicians and mechanics is because they see both as “part workers”. That’s why it’s important to know that auto body repair is about much more than just removing parts and replacing them with new ones.

       Highly-trained auto body workers are aware of the overall impact that a collision can make on a vehicle and possess the skills needed for auto repair to bring a vehicle back to pre-accident condition. Sometimes a vehicle can look okay on the outside or appear to have minimal damage when in reality it is need of serious repairs. Through a thorough examination, a top-notch auto body shop can evaluate your vehicle and offer sound advice on what steps should be taken next.

Paint Repair

      Although they aren’t interchangeable, auto repair and auto body shop services often overlap. One area where this not true is paint repair. Unlike mechanics, auto body technicians are paint job pros. Whether you’re needing a small scratch repaired or the whole vehicle painted, an auto body technician is skilled to handle the job as they receive extensive training in auto paint work. For this reason, it’s to the customer’s advantage to have any external or structural repairs done by an auto body shop instead of the local mechanic. For example, he might be able to replace your side panel for a cheaper price, it is highly unlikely that he would be able to repair the paint in such a way that it looks pre-accident.

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