Collision Insurance vs. Comprehensive in Arizona

Many people are confused by the difference between comprehensive and collision insurance.  They both cover your car but for different reasons.  Although having the minimum coverage of liability insurance is required in every state, neither collision or comprehensive insurance is legally required in any state.   However, both types of insurance can be lifesavers.

Collision Insurance

This type of insurance is self-explanatory. It covers your car in the event of a collision.  Collisions don’t have to be confined to just other cars. Anything you collide your car with is usually covered, such as a fence or pole.  You’re obviously covered if the accident was caused by another driver hitting you.  But you’re also covered in the event the accident is your fault also. The recommended amount of collision coverage varies on the age and value of your vehicle.

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Businessman with protective gesture and icon of car for collision insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

This type of insurance is  also known as “other than collision” insurance or “OTC”. It typically covers damage done to your vehicle from things other than collisions. These things can include vandalism, disasters, theft, floods, fire, impacts with animals and even riots. 

What Type of Coverage Should You Have?

If you took out a car loan to purchase your car, your insurance company will most likely require you having both collision and comprehensive. The same for leasing your car. Another consideration is if you cant afford to repair or replace your car if it was significantly damaged or stolen. It’s also a good idea to have both types of coverage if you live in an area where there’s a high likelihood of animal collisions, car theft, vandalism or severe weather and you don’t want to have to pay for repairs yourself.

If your car is older and not worth a lot, the cost or your premiums would probably be more than the payout in the event of car damage or theft in the long run.

Arizona Hazards

Below are 4 hazards to be aware of in Arizona:

The national average for uninsured motorists is about 13%. In Arizona, it’s approximately 20%. There are also dust storms that can cause visibility issues that lead to collisions. Fortunately, they can usually be seen from a distance so you can pull over when you need to.  Summer can also bring monsoons so never underestimate the power of moving water.  And finally, driving in extreme heat can cause breakdowns—sometimes in the most unfortunate of places. 

Collision insurance at the least, can be a life saver in many of these instances and you should consider buying it if at all possible.

Here at Orlando Auto Body we’ll work with your insurance company to restore your vehicle to it’s pre-accident condition.