Temporary Car Insurance: Short-term Options

Temporary car insurance is something that drivers look for when coverage is only needed for a short period of time. Typically, insurers require drivers to agree to 6 months to a year of coverage. However, drivers need shorter-termed options at times. In the US, getting temporary car insurance is tricky, but possible. One common example is after a collision when a driver is using a rental car instead of his or her personal vehicle. Keep reading to find out about instances in which temporary car insurance is necessary and what options are available.

Temporary Car Insurance: What is It?

Temporary car insurance is fully comprehensive coverage that typically lasts from 1 to 30 days. In some instances, insurers will extend this type of coverage for up to 90 days. An alternative to a traditional 12-month policy, it is usually more flexible and cheaper.  Reputable insurance companies do not usually offer policies for less than 6 months. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

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car crash where driver needs temporary car insurance

Temporary Car Insurance: How Does it Work?

What is much easier to find is non-owners insurance. When most people think of car insurance, they think of insuring a particular vehicle. That is the case most of the time. However, there are also instances when a driver wants to insure his or herself and not a particular car.

This was the case for Brian. A young driver just out of high school, Brian was working toward buying his own vehicle. Most of the time, he took the bus to work and his night classes. He bounced around from place to place, staying with his aunt some of the time. Other nights he stayed with his cousin. When Brian went to visit his grandmother, she liked to send him on errands.

Because he wasn’t covered on her insurance policy, Brian was reluctant to drive his grandmother’s car. It wasn’t long before he began to run errands and go shopping for his aunt as well. By purchasing short-term car insurance that covered him and not a particular vehicle, Brian was able to run errands for his family members with no liability or risk.

Temporary Car Insurance for Short-term Driving

Temporary car insurance might be needed in the following instances:

  • You’re renting a car after a collision
  • Your vehicle is being repaired in an auto body shop
  • You need a rental to take on a business or personal trip
  • You are a student who is away from home
  • You’ve bought a vehicle and need to move it from point A to point B
  • You plan on driving someone somewhere in their vehicle

The first and second bullet are especially common as over a million car crashes occur in the US every year. Although your personal insurance may extend coverage when renting a vehicle, purchasing a short-term, extended rider may offer better protection.

For example, temporary car insurance offered through the rental company might have a lower deductible or have higher coverage limits. If you only have liability on your personal vehicle, most rental companies require comprehensive coverage to drive off of the lot. Still, a short-term policy is usually a better option in this case since you might only need a rental for a few days.

Other Temporary Car Insurance Options

‘Pay-per-mile’ insurance is a final short-term option. Also known as usage-based car insurance, your premiums are based on how much you drive. Those who rarely drive will have much lower premiums, even if they are required to sign a six-month agreement. If you’re waiting on a settlement with an insurance company or car repairs and aren’t driving much, this might be the perfect temporary car insurance option for you.

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