Roadside Assistance Coverage-Get It!

Collisions and roadside emergencies can bring out a mixture of emotions from even the calmest driver. Even something as easy to fix as a flat tire can turn into a full-blown disaster if it happens in a place where help isn’t readily available. Recent stats show that 12% of all roadside fatalities occur on the shoulder of the road. Thankfully, most insurance companies now offer 24×7 roadside assistance coverage that provides support in the case of a breakdown. Although services are readily available, many drivers choose not to purchase the coverage. Though specific insurance coverage is a very personal choice, there are several reasons why every driver should say “yes” to roadside assistance if offered.

#1 Roadside assistance provides life-saving services.

Every roadside assistance program is different, but most providers offer similar services. These include:
• Tire repair/changing of a tire
• Jump-start services in cases when the battery won’t start
• Fuel “re-up” for vehicles that have run out of gas
• Lockout service or key replacement when a key is lost or broken
• Pulling a stuck car out a ditch, snow, etc
Towing to the nearest dealership/repair shop

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Some road assistance plus services even offer trip interruption coverage that will reimburse expenses for lodging and food if you break down when you’re 100 miles or more from home. It is dangerous to be stranded on the side of the road with no way to find help. Roadside assistance allows you to get back on the road quickly and often, for free. Day or night, 24-7, roadside assistance will be available when you need it.

#2 You’re Covered, Not the Car

Again, you’ll want to check with your provider for exact policy details, but one of the leading perks of a quality roadside assistance program is that the driver is covered, not just the vehicle. This can give you peace of mind if you have to drive a vehicle that is not your own.
Terry, a 30-year-old sales agent from Mesa was glad to have driver roadside assistance coverage when her company car broke down late one evening while on an overnight trip. At first, she panicked, knowing that her work office was closed for the weekend.
Then, Terry remembered that her personal car insurance included roadside assistance. Thankfully, Terry was covered, not just her car, and a roadside assistance technician was on the scene in no time. Though the vehicle’s issue couldn’t be repaired on site, it was towed to a nearby repair shop. There they quickly fixed the problem.

#3 It’s Expensive

Typically, you can add roadside assistance to your already existing auto insurance policy for less than five dollars a month. That means that in most cases, your total costs for 24×7 roadside assistance coverage will be less than 60 dollars a year. Just one tow could cost more than your yearly costs for total coverage. So, in some ways, the risks of not purchasing coverage far outweigh the upfront costs.
There are even some ways that you can get auto repair service for free! Some newer cars come with a warranty that offers roadside assistance, so make sure to check your existing warranty for coverage before purchasing an additional policy.

Most of the major insurance companies (Geico, Progressive, State Farm, etc.) offer coverage at 4 dollars or less monthly, so if you can’t find it free, the coverage is still reasonable. Many wireless providers also provide roadside assistance coverage, AT&T and Verizon’s programs cost around three bucks. Credit card companies often comp coverage, so check with your credit card company about roadside assistance as well.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to use your roadside assistance and need a tow or place to be towed to in the Mesa area, call us at 480-351-2369.