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  • “Fender Benders: What to Do if You Hit a Parked Car”

    “Fender Benders: What to Do if You Hit a Parked Car”

    When most people picture a collision, they see two drivers crashing their vehicles into each other. Sometimes there’s smoke and fireworks, other collisions are simple fender benders. You may know how to survive a car crash where another driver is at fault. But what about crashes in which only one driver is involved? Figuring out

  • “Roadside Assistance Coverage-Get It!”

    “Roadside Assistance Coverage-Get It!”

    Collisions and roadside emergencies can bring out a mixture of emotions from even the calmest driver. Even something as easy to fix as a flat tire can turn into a full-blown disaster if it happens in a place where help isn’t readily available. Recent stats show that 12% of all roadside fatalities occur on the

  • “What to Do After an Out of Town Car Crash”

      Nothing is scarier than a car accident. Except maybe a car crash that happens out of town. Collisions can bring up intense and overwhelming feelings of fear and helplessness. When a crash occurs in a place that’s unfamiliar, those emotions intensify. Each state has varying laws about what steps to take after an accident.

  • “Three Questions to Ask For A Rental Car”

        Although every collision is different, there are certain issues that most drivers have to deal with after a collision. One of the most common is securing a rental car while auto repairs are being made. Though the process shouldn’t be stressful, it can cause anxiety when there are added expenses or the process

  • “How to Choose The Best Car Insurance”

             All car insurance is not created equal. Anyone who has ever dealt with a difficult insurance agency knows this to be fact. Unfortunately, most of the time it is only after a crash occurs that a driver realizes that their policy isn’t worth the paper it is written on. At that

  • “The Importance of Bumper Repair”

                    Your car’s bumper is critical component. Contrary to popular belief, although they aren’t safety features, bumpers do have a specific role and appropriate bumper repair is very important for reasons listed below.        According to the NHTAS, they are “designed to protect the hood, trunk,

  • “7 Steps Drivers Should Take After an Accident”

    “7 Steps Drivers Should Take After an Accident”

    The period just following a car accident can be one of the scariest times of a person’s life. Just seconds before, you were driving along happily and then- boom- your entire world is turned upside down. In these moments, it can seem impossible to stay calm. However, remaining level headed is a must. The decisions

  • “Insurance Photo Option for Car Collision Claims—Good or Bad?”
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    “Insurance Photo Option for Car Collision Claims—Good or Bad?”

    Some insurance companies are offering the option of sending photos in for collision appraisal in an effort to cut out the middle man of appraisers. This insurance photo option obviously saves the insurance company money on both the appraisers salary and benefits as well as the repairs themselves. However, body shops are not too keen on

  • “Avoid the Auto Insurance Tactic: ‘Delay, Deny, Defend’”

    “Avoid the Auto Insurance Tactic: ‘Delay, Deny, Defend’”

      Not all insurance companies are created equal.  This post isn’t meant to point fingers at a particular insurer but the above insurance tactic is well-known for collision repair in the auto body industry and our purpose here is to alert the consumer.   This goal of this documented tactic called “delay, deny, defend” is

  • “ Waive An Insurance Deductible. Is It Possible?”
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    “ Waive An Insurance Deductible. Is It Possible?”

      People sometimes ask how a body shop can waive an insurance deductible?  How is it possible— or even legal—when getting your car repaired after a collision? First, it is completely legal.  Although insurance companies will try to tell you otherwise—and even go as far as to say it’s fraud– once you make a claim


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