Things You Shouldn’t Ignore After a Car Crash

Consider this scenario: it’s been a few days since you had a minor car crash. You didn’t think there was any major damage, so you haven’t taken it to a mechanic or body repair shop. But all of a sudden, you’re noticing some things that never happened before. Maybe the check engine light has popped on, you’ve noticed a strange noise, or your vehicle is leaking some fluid. Thinking that it’s just a coincidence, you keep driving your vehicle. Twenty-four hours later, your car has broken down, and you’re on the side of the road trying to figure out where things went wrong. Although not every minor accident ends up with such disastrous results, there are certain things you shouldn’t ignore after a car crash. See the top three below. 

#1 The Check Engine Light

Many drivers let things like an illuminated check engine light go. According to, this is because a third of vehicle owners can’t afford to pay for repairs. Understandably, it can be difficult to come up with money to make auto body repairs right after a crash. This is especially true if you are faced with paying high insurance deductibles or costs for a rental. But there are things you shouldn’t ignore after a car crash. By putting off the inevitable, you cost yourself more money in the long run. After a crash, emission components can be an issue. It can take a few days to show up on the car’s computer. Take your vehicle in for a once-over right away if your light starts to flicker.

auto stiegler team photo
generic car with scratched and dented front wing. minor accident result - fender bender.

#2 New Noises and Strange Smells

Any new noises should also be addressed. Whether the noise seems to be the rubbing of a tire, the squeaking of a belt, or the popping of something in your wheel, another accident could occur if you don’t take care of these things you shouldn’t ignore after a car crash. You may find that the noise was related to an easy fix. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to possible vehicle damage.

The same can be said about strange smells. From rotten eggs to burning rubber, a strange smell can be one of the first signs of things you shouldn’t ignore after a crash. Click here to find out more about what the strange smell coming from your car might mean.

#3 Body Damage

One of the most common repairs that people put off after a car crash is body repair. We call minor crashes “fender benders” because sometimes fenders get bent in the process. Most people assume that the damage their vehicle sustained in a collision is just cosmetic. Sometimes this is true. But there is always the chance that deeper damage is hiding underneath the surface. This is why it’s extremely important to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified auto-body repair shop.