Collision Repair: How To Protect Yourself and Your Finances

Insurance companies and aftermarket part manufacturers claim they’ve saved consumers millions of dollars by using cheaper imitation parts.  In January 2013 the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America issued a special report that stated the use of aftermarket parts reduce the amount insurers had to pay on claims for collision and auto body repair.  Insurers argue they need the savings to keep premiums low, and yet premiums have risen an average of 10% from the previous year across almost all insurance companies, which means that their profits margins have increased as well.

 Insurance companies who force policy holders to use aftermarket parts for collision repair cause long-term financial loss for them through “repair related diminished value”.   Basically, this means that your vehicles’ trade-in value goes down substantially due to less-than-optimal repairs.  The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) is an organization set up in 1987 to test and certify aftermarket parts.  According to CAPA’s website:

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Two men calling car help assistance after an accident

   “Our comprehensive testing program is a valuable public service that provides consumers, auto body shops, parts distributors and insurance adjusters with the reliable, objective means they need to identify quality replacement parts. Parts that will fit, perform, last and be every bit as safe as the originals. CAPA Certification is even recognized by government regulators as an assurance of quality.”

Consumers need to be aware of this and make sure their car is repaired with original manufactured equipment (OEM) if at all possible.

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