You Have A Choice for Your Auto Body Repair!

When you have a collision and need auto body repair,  insurance companies will recommend one or more body shops to you but the choice is always yours where you want to go.   Most insurance companies have repair contracts with shops in your area.  They usually require the shops they work with to  perform the repairs with lower labor and materials cost and discounts on parts.   They also make sure their shops meet their standards of training, equipment and certification.  In addition, these direct repair shops have to provide a lifetime warranty on the repairs. In other words, insurance companies want you to get your car repaired in the cheapest way possible.

The majority of these shops use after-market or used parts which are less expensive and enables them to perform the repair more cost effectively than an independent shop.  However, there is a downside to this.  Premium auto body shops like Orlando Auto Body prefer not to use these parts.  They prefer using original manufacturer equipment (OME) parts whenever possible.  They claim generic parts  don’t fit or wear as well as OME parts.  There is also considerable debate in the field as to whether these generic parts are as safe as OME parts.  Current industry testing indicates that generic parts are mostly inferior to OME parts.

auto stiegler team photo

Regardless, don’t feel pressured by your insurance company to use the body shop they recommend.  They have a vested interest in steering you to their partner shops by not having to pay as high a cost overall for your vehicle’s repairs.   There is a price you may pay however, in lower-quality parts, possible safety issues and the quality of repairs.

The best way to avoid this is to ask friends and family for recommendations on the best body shops to use.  You can also do online research by typing in “local body shops” and then reading the reviews of some of them.   This will enable you to make an informed choice.

*At Orlando Auto Body we strive to use OME parts whenever possible. We’re a premium auto body shop who treats each vehicle we repair like it’s our own.  We maintain extremely high standards for our technicians and the work they do.  Call us to repair your car to it’s pre-accident condition!   Call us at 480-844-4858!