Auto Body Repair: What you Can Do v. the Pros

It’s no lie to say that many car owners take pride in our vehicles. And that means that auto detailing is a very important part of regular car maintenance. Keeping a car in top notch aesthetic condition is an ongoing project. And while it’s true that car care begins at home, there are also some auto detailing specifics best left to the pros. What can you do at home to keep your car clean? And what auto detailing should professional shops handle?

Do it Yourself

Not every little thing demands a professional touch. In fact, you can take care of some auto detailing and cleaning from the comfort of your own garage. Here are some easy cleans you can take care of at home that will generally get the job done:

Window Cleaning: Some good old-fashioned Windex and elbow grease can clear smudged and smeared windows. For the passenger and driver side windows, don’t neglect to roll them down and wipe around the tops, too. For streak free cleans, try wiping with a coffee filter rather than a rag.

Rinse you Car: Before you put suds to your exterior, give your vehicle a quick rinse with the hose. This flushes off thicker grime and prevents you from rubbing surface dirt even deeper into the paint. When you do the actual washing, then, your car will truly come out clean.

Brush the Vents: Don’t overlook the small things! This is truly the details in auto detailing, but keep your air vents dust free by brushing them with a soft, small paint brush. Your nose will thank you, too.

Squash the Squeaks: If you have one pesky door that groans and squeaks, a little DIY auto detailing can help. There could be some corrosion in the hinges, which is where your old friend WD-40 comes in handy. Squirt the hinges and then open and close the door a few times. This will ensure they are fully lubricated. Afterwards, just wipe away any excess liquid.

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Leave it to the Pros

To really get your car clean and looking world class, you can’t beat auto detailing by a shop. While a lot of the above cleanings are good for regular maintenance, every so often it is important to have a true, thorough detailing. To get your car looking like new, pros can’t be beat:

Wheel Cleaning: The pros can really make your wheels shine like new again, more so than you can with a hose and a sponge at home. Since they are able to access virtually all parts of your car, you know they will power wash all nooks and crannies.

picture of hand doing auto detailing

Shampooing: For mats and cloth seats, you don’t really want to wash and shampoo your own interior. Nor, in fact, may you even have the right tools! Professionals will auto detail those smells and that smushed in dirt right away.

Shine & Wax: A shop will get your exterior looking shiny and new. With power polishers and sealing wax, the outside of your car will be detailed to look its very best. After they do a thorough cleaning, technicians polish and protect your entire exterior. Generic dirt wipes can only go so far.

Stain Removal: Is there a stubborn hot sauce stain on your seat? Does your car maybe have a paint stain? The only real way to ensure you get that removed is with a professional auto detailing. Using professional techniques and products, stains are lifted right off of surfaces.