Professional Car Detailing—More Than Meets the Eye!

     The physical condition of your car is a huge part of your overall driving satisfaction. Whether it’s the shiny exterior or that “new car” smell, there’s no better feeling than riding in a clean vehicle. To keep your car or truck like new, it has to be cleaned on a regular basis with a thorough car detailing. Many people feel that this is a job they are capable of doing themselves. Many drivers would be surprised to know that a professional cleaning could actually benefit them in the long run financially.

Detailing Details

       Having a car detailing can restore both the interior and exterior of your car to like-new condition. This happens through a detailed process that happens over several hours. During the car detailing, the inside of your vehicle is vacuumed and carpets, mats, and seats are shampooed. If the seats are leather, they will be cleaned as will the dashboard and doors. After that, any chrome trim will be polished and air vents will be vacuumed. We even clean your door jams!

       The exterior cleaning includes a total wash, bug removal, as well as wheel and tire cleaning. Any paint contamination will be removed and your vehicle will be waxed. Your windows will be cleaned and your car dried by hand. We also offer headlight restoration and paint overspray removal. Other services offered include mold and mildew removal, odor elimination, and oxidation removal.

       It would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in supplies and hours of training to be able to replicate a similar job, making it more cost effective to get a professional cleaning than go at it alone. This isn’t the only benefit though. A professional car detailing also helps protect your paint, wheels, and increase resale value should you choose to sell later.

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Protect Your Paint

       Your vehicle’s paint isn’t just for show. Paint protects the metal underneath it, serving as a buffer for dust, dirt, and other debris. These things can damage your vehicle’s paint or lead to rust and corrosion. During your detailing, a good wash will remove these harmful substances. A follow up wax will protect your car from paint scratches or dings. A regular wax is one of the most important parts of the detailing process since it puts a protective coat on your car’s original paint, defending it from possible damage.

Reduce Wear on Your Wheels

      During every day driving, brake dust, oil, and other damaging solvent particles can make their way onto your wheels and tires. Over time, a build-up of these substances can cause cracking in the sidewalls or failure of the wheels altogether (usually because of corrosion). There are so many different types of wheels: chrome, alloy, painted, hyper coated, and steel to name a few. Products used during detailing are specialized to your specific type and used to reduce everyday wear and tear.

Increases Resale Value

It isn’t just individual parts of your vehicle that will benefit from a auto body repair job. Keeping your vehicle in like-new condition can greatly increase the resale value since a car that is in excellent cosmetic condition is more appealing to buyers than one that isn’t. Should you choose to upgrade or sell your vehicle outright in the future, you will be thankful that you took the time to preserve its worth through regular detailing.

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