5 Causes of Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle collisions are very common in the United States.  The majority of vehicle collisions are caused by human error and many of these can be prevented. There are other reasons, however, for a collision that sometimes can’t be helped. Although the majority of these accidents are minor, thousands of lives are still taken every year in devastating car crashes. 

Below are some common reasons for vehicle collisions and some precautions you can take to prevent them:

Vehicle Debris

Whether it’s a vehicle, like a pickup truck, hauling items that break loose, or a tractor trailer “throwing a tread”, this can cause a collision on a highway.  Items, big or small,  that come loose and fall out of vehicles can cause major collisions.  Eighteen wheelers that have refurbished tires basically coming apart while moving, which are then left in the middle of a highway are another hazard that can’t be helped by motorists behind them.

There is little control people have over this other than to attempt to stay in control of the vehicle when it occurs.

auto stiegler team photo
two cars in a vehicle collision

Flying Rocks

This is a hazard that can occur anytime on any road. Roads are constructed of various materials and with normal driving by literally thousands of cars every year, pieces break off, can get stuck in the tire treads of cars and other vehicles and get kicked back and hit your windshield.  This can cause chips and, if the rock is big enough, actually crack your windshield (although unlikely).  The distraction caused by this, however, is enough to make you lose control of your vehicle and collide with other cars, go off the road, etc.

Again, being diligent is your best bet here.

Storms and Severe Weather

No one can control the weather. And while snow is a rarity in the Phoenix area, rain storms are not.  And some storms can be severe with rain so heavy drivers can no longer see and need to pull off the road. Also, in severe wind and rain storms, falling debris like tree limbs, power lines, etc., can impact not only a drivers visibility but also create a hazard if they break a windshield or leave debris on the road. 

It’s suggested that if your visibility is impaired at all, to pull off the road and wait until the storm passes before continuing driving.  Also, make sure your windshield wiper blades are in good condition. 

Running Red Lights

Many of us, by nature, go through a yellow light—right before it turns red— thinking, “I’ve got this.”  The reality is that many times you don’t.  And it creates a major hazard and puts you and other people at risk for a major collision.  Sometimes it’s caused by simply not paying attention and other times because the driver is simply in a hurry.

It’s never worth it to run a red light. First of all, it’s against the law. Secondly, you’re putting not only your own but other’s lives in danger as a result.  Remember, yellow light means a red light is coming.  It’s best to just stop and wait rather than try to beat it—and it could save your life. 

Distracted Driving

We’ve mentioned this before in another blog article but distracted driving from texting, talking or reading social media posts on your phone, or eating is a major cause of collisions. This is also one of the most preventable causes.   

Simply put your phone on mute or turn it off while you’re driving.  Also, eating is not necessary while driving. Pull over until you’re finished.

Although you can’t control the first three causes of vehicle collisions listed above— other than being focused on the road and your surroundings— you do have control over whether you choose to run a red light or use your phone in various ways while driving.  Remember, that many vehicle collisions occur with other vehicles so it’s not just your own life that’s on the line.

As always, if you are unfortunate enough to get into a collision, we here at Orlando Auto Body are here for you. We’ll restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.  Call us at (480) 844-4858.