Your Car’s Resale Value-How To Increase It

If you are a vehicle owner, it’s likely that there will come a day when you will want to trade-in or sell your car or truck. One of the most important parts of this process is determining your vehicle’s resale value. In simple times, this is your car’s worth at the time of sale or trade. Once you reach this point, there’s not much you can do to change this number. But thankfully, there are some ways to increase your car’s resale value along the way and make sure you will walk away with an amount in your comfort zone.

Buy Smart

There are several ways to increase the resale value of your existing vehicle. But when making future purchases, keep in mind that not all cars have similar resale value ranges. In general, brands with good reputations and luxury models have a higher trade-in and resale values later on. Check out what Kelly Blue Book says about cars with the best resale values. This knowledge can help you when deciding where to begin looking for your next vehicle or if you’re torn between two models.

auto stiegler team photo
Car salesman assessing resale value

Maintenance is a Must

If your current car didn’t make the cut, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed. There are still ways to increase your car’s resale value and one of the best ways to do so is through basic maintenance. Having a detailed track record of oil changes, tire rotations, etc. can help you prove that you’ve taken care of your vehicle. These records can often be used to negotiate a higher trade-in if presented during negotiations.

Make Easy Fixes

One mistake that many vehicle owners make when trying to sell their vehicle is assuming that small issues like a dent in the door or crack in the tail light won’t hurt their car’s value by much. This is not the case at all. In fact, not fixing small problems can send a subliminal message to a potential buyer that the vehicle was not taken care of very well. Yes, even a small dent can stop a sale! Go ahead and make any of these easy fixes before getting your vehicle appraised. Doing so might cost you some money upfront, but it can raise your resale value thousands in the long run!

Don’t Forget the Interior

Once you have the outside looking good, tackle the inside as well. Having your vehicle professionally detailed can add thousands to your resale value. Some may find this strange, but there is something about a clean and pristine vehicle that makes it scream “ready for sale.” Think about it this way, if you were stuck between buying two vehicles and one was dirty while the other was clean, which would you buy? It’s likely that you would swing towards the clean car. Other buyers will feel the same way!

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