What To Do About Auto Repairs Gone Wrong

You had a collision, and your car has been in the auto body shop for what feels like ages, but at last, it’s ready, and you can’t wait to pick it up. As happy as you are, you remain calm enough to inspect your car before paying the auto body shop and driving off. And thank goodness you do, because the paintwork doesn’t match, or one of the doors doesn’t close properly, or maybe the turn signals don’t work. This is a classic case of auto repairs gone wrong.

Chances are that you wouldn’t have these problems if you had chosen a premium auto body shop like Orlando to repair your car in the first place. But even the most trustworthy auto body shops can slip up now and then. When they do, a friendly chat will solve the problem. A reputable auto body shop will set about fixing what’s troubling you until you’re satisfied with the result. If this happens and you have auto body repairs gone wrong, you have options.

But what if you drive off without inspecting your car at the auto body shop and you only see the subpar collision repairs later? Is there way to deal with auto body repairs that go wrong after you’ve left the shop? Try these fixes before settling with subpar auto body work.

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Document The Problem

Compare the auto body quote to the work actually done and write a detailed report about what is wrong with the collision repair. Take pictures or videos to back-up your written statement so that you can prove any auto body repairs gone wrong.

This was the solution for Glenda after wrecking her Suburban on a holiday weekend. After picking up her vehicle, she realized that not all of the repairs she paid for were completed. After Glenda went to the auto body shop and comparing notes on the repairs gone wrong, the shop made things right.

Discuss the issues with the auto body shop

Which leads to the  next point. If you experience auto repairs gone wrong, go back to the auto body shop and tell them that you’re unhappy with the collision repair work they’ve done. Show them the discrepancies between the quote they gave you and your report. At this stage, a reputable auto body shop will agree to fix the problems under the terms of their guarantee, or if they don’t guarantee their collision repairs, as a gesture of goodwill, to maintain their reputation.

Get A Second Opinion 

If your auto body shop refuses to fix the shoddy repair, get an estimate from another shop and present it to them. This might be the push they need to either do the job correctly or give you a refund.

The Last Resort

You’ve done everything you can, and your auto body shop still refuses to do anything about their subpar work. The last resort is to give up and get another auto body shop to fix your car at your own cost, or go to a lawyer. Neither is a happy solution, but it’s a lesson well learned: choose your auto body shop carefully and check their reviews when you need collision repairs.

Orlando Auto Body has highly qualified technicians and the latest specialist tools and diagnostic software. We take pride in the high standard of our collision repairs and do everything we can to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied.  We can also do a post-repair inspection if you run into auto repairs gone wrong. 

Don’t take a chance when you need collision repairs: call us at 480-351-1734.