4 Things Not To Do After a Collision Repair

You wrecked your car and then had it repaired by a qualified repair shop. Now that your car is back to pristine condition, you’re ready to get back to life (and the road) as usual. Like most drivers, you don’t realize that there is a period of “recoup” time that follows certain repairs. Putting your car on the road too quickly or not taking care during routine maintenance can lead to even more damage. To avoid more repair-related expenses, heed the following “don’ts” after collision care.

Don’t Run Your Vehicle through a Car Wash

This “don’t” is one that is extremely common. A client named Lisa who recently had collision repairs serves as a great example. After her repairs were finished, Lisa was so happy to have her vehicle back and in like-new condition. The weather was nice so she decided to take a trip with her sisters to the beach. Right before heading out of town, Lisa decided to swing through a drive-through car wash so her ride would be clean. But instead of leaving her Prius sparkling, the stiff-brushes used during the wash left deep scratches on her new paint. Instead of spending time at the beach with her family, Lisa spent her afternoon making arrangements to have her car repainted.

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Don’t Apply Wax or Polish to Your Vehicle

Similar to tip number one, owners should avoid waxing or polishing their vehicle after repairs involving paint. Though wax and polish are supposed to leave your vehicle gleaming, they can discolor new paint. In general, the rule is three months but even after this time, you should be cautious. Not sure if its okay to wax? Ask your collision expert to be sure!

Don’t Travel Off Road

Living in a rural area can make this one difficult. But if at all possible, avoid gravel and dirt roads directly following auto body repairs. Small rocks hitting the bottom and side of your vehicle can leave it susceptible to chipping. Though this may not seem like a huge deal, even small scratches and dents can lead to big repair costs. If you have no choice but to dr

Don’t Park Just Anywhere

When deciding where to park, most drivers make their choice based on distance to where they’re going and price (i.e. toll charges, meter fees). If you have had repairs done recently, you might want to think a little deeper about where you will park your ride. Two places that you should avoid are below trees and power lines. Why these two places? They are both common gathering places for birds. Both bird droppings and tree sap can cause serious damage to new paint. If you have an enclosed garage, park there for a while. Or you can  invest in a car cover to protect your paint from the elements.

If you have damage related to an after-collision faux pas, request an estimate from Orlando Auto Body. we will get you back on the road as quickly as possible and go over any post-collision repair “don’ts” with you before you hit the road again.