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Fast Track Auto Body Repair


Our premier auto body shop is proud to offer what is becoming known in the industry as Fast Track Repairs (FTR). In certain circumstances we have the ability to perform repairs in one day! That’s right one day! Depending on the type impact incurred during your accident and dollar amount of your estimate we can pre order all parts necessary to repair your vehicle, pre paint all parts*, remove the damaged parts, and install the new parts in an 8 hour period. In some cases we can repair your vehicle while you wait! Ask your advisor if your damage qualifies for Fast Track Repair.

*Certain restrictions apply.
**Not all refinishes apply.


Orlando Auto Body offers a range of auto collision repair services to vehicle owners in the Mesa & Phoenix area. Orlando will help you with everything involving your auto collision repair including insurance claim assistance. Give us a call today: (480)–844-4858

  • Ask us how we can waive your insurance deductible
  • We have been in business for over 30 years
  • We handle anything from small auto damage to large accidents
  • We make auto collision repair more convenient for you
  • We use factory OEM replacement parts.


  • How can you waive my deductible?

    Orlando Auto Body will waive your deductible up to $1000. This is done by a discount on the total repair cost. For example if your have $500 deductible and your repair damage covered by insurance exceeded $5000 we will waive your deductible and you will have no out of pocket costs!

  • My insurance suggested another shop why should I use Orlando?

    You always have a choice! Just remember it is in your insurance companies’s best interest to send your car to a repair shop that will charge them the least! Potentially they could be taking shortcuts and using cheaper remanufactured parts. Orlando Auto Body is committed to repairing your car the right way, ensuring you are safe and your car is reliable.

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