Emergency Car Kits for Critical Situations

Have you ever been traveling in an area or a road that is deserted, driving alone, or through bad weather? If you have, then you know that at any time, lousy luck can test your skills and readiness. During any road trip, you might come across a time when you are in need of assistance, but there is nobody in sight. What happens if you are stuck in such a situation in the middle of the night or a massive storm? This is where a an emergency car kit can come in handy. 

If you haven’t been in such a situation, you might even think that this is something that only happens in the movies, but these bad luck situations are actually quite common. You should always be prepared for a situation like this even if traveling to a city nearby.

Your Essential Emergency Car Kit Supplies:

These are some basic things that a person should have in his or her car at all times. These things can be added on or changed according to your location, local weather, and car type.

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emergency car kit including jerrycan, funnel, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tow rope, jack and emergency warning triangle. objects isolated on white background. 3d

    Jump-starting cables-

Battery dying is one of the leading reasons for being stuck on an empty highway. It can happen to anyone at any time, so always pack these in your emergency car kit. You should know how to use jump starting cables when asking a good samaritan to give you a boost.

    Lithium-ion battery or battery booster-

In case you are alone in the middle of the night and cannot wait for a car to come by, a battery booster comes in handy to jump start your car’s battery for you.

Make Sure Your Kit Also Includes:

    Flashlights with spare batteries- This emergency car kit item will help you see in the dark, of course.

    Flares or reflecting triangular caution sign- These will help you avoid collisions or accidents in case of any oncoming traffic.

    A “Fix-a-Flat” Flat tire repairing system- You may get caught in a situation where your spare is flat, or you’ve burst two tires at the same time. This helps you get the flat or punctured tire inflated and fixed, thus saving you hours of being stranded for help.

First Aid Kit

Containing bandages, alcohol wipes, antiseptic and antibiotic creams, gauzes and medical tapes should always be in your emergency car kit.

    Tow rope- In case you can’t reach for your towing service and need to get your car out of a ditch.

    Swiss Knife or multipurpose tool- Things like seat belt cutters and glass breakers are also useful.

    A charged power bank– In case you have no battery in your mobile phone for emergency contact.

    Emergency contacts- Your family and emergency contacts should be somewhere in your car. This includes your tow company and body repair shop information. These assistance numbers should always be in your emergency bag and should be laminated.

Other items to include in your emergency car kit include:

    Duct tape

    Water bottles

    Protein bars

    Blankets or reflective blankets

    Matches, lighter or booster matches

    Fire extinguisher


These are some main items that should be in your emergency car kit. If you find yourself in an emergency situation without a kit, you can always reach out to Orlando Auto Body for assistance and towing services at 480-351-6872.