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“Busting Car Color Myths”

“Busting Car Color Myths”

One of the more fun parts of car shopping is the rainbow of car color options. It’s no secret that there are all kinds of color psychology. Does black make you seem powerful? Are red fans naturally high energy? And then there are the other concerns around car color: namely, does hue correlate to safety, insurance and avoid law enforcement entanglement? Can color predict or help prevent a collision?

Are there Car Colors that are Safer?

In theory, all cars, regardless of car color, should be equally visible. Vehicles are large, metal boxes and solidly built. But still, sometimes it feels like that sedan or SUV snuck right up on you. Or maybe there was an accident because you didn’t see the car. That may sound crazy, but there’s a bit of truth – some car colors are simply harder to see than others.

In fact, there’s some real scientific studies behind this. For instance, researchers found in a study that black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in some sort of accident on the road. The reasoning behind this is down to sight and colors and the fact that these darker cars blend into the roads and the nighttime backgrounds. While they are more likely than other car colors at all times of day to be hit, the 47% particularly comes into play at dusk, night and dawn.

The inverse of this “dark cars get hit more” fact, then, is that lighter car colors get hit less. And the research backs it up. Car colors that are lighter and brighter tend to be less involved in accidents. Neon colors (such as lime green or neon yellow) are the safest car colors. However, the aesthetic market for them is a bit smaller. But one thing is certain: a neon car color can be seen in all conditions!

If something fluorescent isn’t the right car color for you, the next best choice is white. Aside from snowy conditions, white can be seen most all times the easiest. And white certainly stands out at night, when driving is already more dangerous. White, though, is not for everyone. A good, almost as safe color, then, is silver. It still stands out at night and can usually be easily seen. The downside tends to be in rainy or foggy conditions (be sure to use your headlights and make sure they are clean and bright!)

Is there a Car Color that is Cheaper to Insure?

Since there is science backing up some safer car color choices, it would make sense that certain colors are easier or cheaper to insure than others, right? Well, if you were hoping to save a few bucks with a white car, that is unfortunately not the case. Most insurance companies don’t care – or even ask – the color of your car when getting a quote. Instead, you still need to focus on the basics of getting a lower rate: lack of speeding tickets and accident history. When it comes to the car itself, while color may not matter, the age, make and model (and usual cost of repairs) do all come into play.

But what if you change your car color/ Will that make a difference? To be perfectly blunt: no. It will not. While a color change notification will be necessary for updating registration, it shouldn’t affect your cost. However, it is in your best interest to update your insurance agent, so they have the most current information on file, especially in the event of needing a tow or roadside assistance.

Do Red Cars Really Get the Short End of the Stick?

One of the most common things heard about car color is that red cars stand out, and not in a good way. Red cars are said to get pulled over more often and cost more to insure. To bust one myth, we already know that car color has no bearing on insurance. But what about attracting police attention? That’s also technically a no.

Research shows that car color is a variable that has zero play in pulling a police officer’s eye. It is possible this misconception grew from people who were already more inclined to speed being also naturally more inclined to buy red cars. In that case, it is not the car color that is the factor. It just happens to be a personality preference.

Regardless of your car’s color, if your vehicle’s been hit or scraped, call Orlando Auto Body at 480-351-2369 to get it fixed up after any accident.


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