An Online Estimate– A Time-Saving Idea

Getting an online estimate is one of the advantages of the internet today. A car accident, from a small fender-bender to a collision that may involve injuries, can be a very emotional and nerve-wracking time for people.  When this occurs and everything else is taken care of regarding police reports, making sure no one is hurt, etc., the only thing left is to have your car repaired.  And in these days where people have an “I want it instantly” mentality, auto body repair is no different. And maybe even more so because of the importance of having a useable vehicle for transportation.

Many auto body shops (including Orlando Auto Body) now offer the ability to get an online estimate for collision repair.  This saves valuable time for consumers. In the old days, people would need to “shop around” and physically drive to various body shops to get an estimate.  With the advent of the internet, this has all changed.

auto stiegler team photo
Hand using mobile smart phone taking photo of the car crash accident damage for online estimate.

Below are some advantages to getting an online estimate.


As noted above, the one thing more precious than even money to some people is time. The convenience of getting an estimate online where a person can actually fill out a form from anywhere as long as they have an internet device makes the process extremely time-saving.

Photo Uploads

Online estimates allow you to take pictures with your phone or camera and upload them directly to the estimate form.  This gives the body shop a much better idea of what will be involved in repairing your car.  Although there is sometimes hidden damage (i.e. car frame damage) that may not be readily apparent, photos give the body shop a good idea of what is going to be needed.

Smartphone “All-In-One”

The majority of people in our society now own a smartphone which makes the online estimate process even easier.  You can take pictures on your phone of the damage and upload them directly—along with any other paperwork— to the submission form. A simple click and it’s sent to the body shop instantly.

Repairs Can Be Done Faster

By not having to actually drive around, you can get an estimate quicker and then get your vehicle scheduled for repair faster.  Let’s face it, people’s cars are a necessary tool for living in this day and age. Having to wait a lengthy amount of time before having your car repaired to its pre-accident condition can be frustrating for many people.  The online estimate process shortens this time considerably.

Again, people want speed today in getting their vehicle repaired. They want the process from start to finish to be  fast and seamless.  From getting an estimate to making sure their insurance company will cover all needed repairs, to the actual repairs themselves, online estimates are a major convenience for them. 

Here at Orlando Auto Body, we provide online estimates for your convenience.  We pride ourselves on not only restoring your car to its pre-accident condition but we make every effort to repair your car to the highest possible standard in the fastest time possible.   Call us at 480-428-2783.