Collision Specialists Mesa

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Who you call to have your vehicle repaired after an accident can make all the difference between a great experience and a poor one.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to service and to provide the highest quality repairs to your vehicle.

Family Owned and Operated Collision Repair

Our auto body specialists Mesa team is the only choice when it comes to all vehicle accident repairs and providing an outstanding experience. You have the choice of where to get your vehicle repaired, choose Orlando Auto Body.
We are more than just vehicle collision repairs. We go above and beyond what you would normally expect at a body shop. Our collision specialists Mesa services include enhancements to make you feel welcome and appreciated.

What do you we offer that most body shops don’t?

-Exceptional auto body repairs – the best in the Valley of the Sun

-Deductible assistance – We can waive up to $1000

-Free Towing

-Fast Track Repairs – Ask us to see if your repairs qualify

-Auto Body Repair – A clean car is happy car and a happy driver!

At Orlando Auto Body, nobody is more committed to exceeding your collision repair expectations and that’s why we go above and beyond with the services we offer.
For us, every repair job is personal. 
Plain and simple.

Collision Specialists Mesa
Collision Specialists Mesa
How long does a repair take?

Repairing your car to pre-loss condition is our #1 objective. Depending on the severity and amount of damage, the time require to repair your car varies dramatically. We suggest to contact us for a free estimate to determine the length of time to repair your car the correct way. Many of our clients qualify for ourFast Track Repair Program. 

How can you help with my deductible?

Orlando Auto Body offers deductible assistance up to $1000. This is done by a discount on the total repair cost. For example if your have $500 deductible and your repair damage covered by insurance exceeded $5000 we will waive your deductible and you will have no out of pocket costs!

My insurance suggested another shop – why should I use Orlando?

You always have a choice! Just remember it is in your insurance companies’s best interest to send your car to a repair shop that will charge them the least! Potentially they could be taking shortcuts and using cheaper remanufactured parts. Orlando Auto Body is committed to repairing your car the right way, ensuring you are safe and your car is reliable. Contact us if you need your vehicle towed to our shop for repairs.

How to Choose a Body Shop

The proof is in the pudding – or in our case, our online reviews and testimonials! Our collision specialists Mesa team has received some outstanding compliments and reviews throughout the years and we are proud that we have such raving fans.

Nothing can speak more to the ability of a professional collision repair shop to fix your car than the reviews left by their esteemed clients. In today’s online world and expectations, poor reviews and service can diminish a body shops reputation quickly. That’s why we work hard on each and every repair to give you the best experience, period.  We encourage you to do your homework when looking for a collision repair shop.

Collision Specialists Mesa


 Call Today to Schedule your Free Estimate – 480-485-4653

Use our easy to use online contact form and someone from our collision repair Mesa team will get in touch as soon as we can!  Thank you for choosing Orlando Auto Body!

  • Ask us how we can help with your insurance deductible

  • We have been in business for over 30 years

  • We handle anything from small auto damage to large accidents

  • We make auto collision repair more convenient for you
  • We use factory OEM replacements parts.
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