Getting a Second Opinion on a Damage Estimate

The days and weeks following a car crash can be extremely stressful. After a collision, several things have to be dealt with. First, you have to get contact information from the other driver, contact the proper authorities, and notify your insurance provider. After that, one of the most important matters is finding a reputable auto body repair shop. Then you go about the process of obtaining a damage estimate for repairs. After the repairs, you’ll need to inspect your vehicle to make sure everything was handled correctly. But what if the first damage estimate doesn’t seem quite right? Many people never consider getting a second opinion on a damage estimate. This is a shame because there are times when a second estimate could be a game changer.

Where To Start

You see, getting a second opinion isn’t reserved for just doctor visits. If you’ve received a damage estimate that seems too high, find another reputable auto body shop and ask for another one. By getting a second opinion on a damage estimate, you make sure that you are getting the best quality repairs possible at the best price.

Not sure where to start? Word of mouth is a good place to begin. That’s if you have a family member, coworker, or friend who has had repairs completed recently. If not, Google isn’t a bad idea. Make sure to find and look at verified reviews. Simply picking the first body shop that comes up on Google is like playing Russian roulette. You need to make sure the auto body shop has a good reputation before seeking a second opinion on a damage estimate.

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Happy female customer getting repair estimate from auto technician

Things to Look for

When it comes to auto body repairs and getting a damage estimate, repair experience is so important. New shops often have fancy signs and run promotions to draw in new customers. These are bad things per se, but you shouldn’t be fooled by “bells and whistles.” Instead, focusing on making sure that the shop you choose has extensive experience doing the types of repairs you need.  For example, if you are getting a damage estimate for a bumper repair and paint job, you should ask questions about paint. You don’t want to end up with a cheap pain job because you failed to be proactive when choosing a shop or didn’t get a second opinion on your damage estimate.

Price and Quality

Keep in mind that the cheapest estimate isn’t always the best! In fact, an unusually cheap estimate should lead you to seek a second opinion on your damage estimate just like a really high one would. What you might find is that the super cheap shops are using used or low-quality parts instead of original manufacturer (OEM) parts. If you’ve read any of our other blog posts, then you know that the quality of parts used during your repair really does matter.

Even if you can’t point any red flags, seeking a second opinion on your damage estimate should always be an option. Our experienced Orlando Auto Body staff would be happy to provide a free estimate for you. Simply submit a request online or call us at 480-351-1734.