Collision Repair Phoenix

Collision Repair Phoenix

Orlando Auto Body has provided 85040 with dependable maintenance and outstanding customer service for over 35 years. Our other locations are in Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert and Temp. So, you’re ready to schedule an appointment with the trusted technicians at our Phoenix body shop; call 602-283-4453 today.

Family Owned and Operated Collision Repair

Our collision repair Phoenix facility is proud to be part of a successful family-owned-and-operated body shop. Through the decades, Orlando Auto Body has adjusted to ever-changing technology and industry standards, continuing to come out on top.
One of the ways we do this is by prioritizing the customer experience. Our team knows how stressful a car accident can be. We’ve partnered with a local towing company to ensure you’re never stranded and have safe transportation to our Phoenix body shop. On top of that, our front desk associates provide insurance claim assistance and rental car help.

Collision Repair Phoenix Meeting Factory Standards

Orlando Auto Body follows manufacturer guidelines for your safety and optimal vehicle performance. We ensure our collision repair technicians can access top-shelf products and equipment. Plus, our team members get routinely trained on the latest vehicle advancements.

Does your car, truck, or SUV need a new door panel after an accident?

You can count on us to implement OEM parts that align with your vehicle warranty. Anything less, such as used or aftermarket parts, may not protect you as the dealer intended.

At Orlando Auto Body, nobody is more committed to exceeding your collision repair expectations and that’s why we go above and beyond with the services we offer.
For us, every repair job is personal. 
Plain and simple.

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Waive Your Auto Insurance Deductible - Orlando Autobody
How long does a repair take?

Repairing your car to pre-loss condition is our #1 objective. Depending on the severity and amount of damage, the time require to repair your car varies dramatically. We suggest to contact us for a free estimate to determine the length of time to repair your car the correct way. Many of our clients qualify for ourFast Track Repair Program. 

How can you help with my deductible?

Orlando Auto Body offers deductible assistance up to $1000. This is done by a discount on the total repair cost. For example if your have $500 deductible and your repair damage covered by insurance exceeded $5000 we will waive your deductible and you will have no out of pocket costs!

My insurance suggested another shop – why should I use Orlando?

You always have a choice! Just remember it is in your insurance companies’s best interest to send your car to a repair shop that will charge them the least! Potentially they could be taking shortcuts and using cheaper remanufactured parts. Orlando Auto Body is committed to repairing your car the right way, ensuring you are safe and your car is reliable. Contact us if you need your vehicle towed to our shop for repairs.

Collision Repair Phoenix Paint Professionals

Does your car’s exterior need attention? A fresh coat of auto paint will help maintain your vehicle’s value. The first step is finding a paint match for your car. Our refinishing experts use a computerized system that guarantees the perfect color blend every time.

From there, we use manufacturer-approved tools to spray high-quality paint that is then backed on for longevity, coverage, and protection. When you see your car’s showroom shine, you’ll forget you were in an accident!

Ready to make the wisest choice for your vehicle? Start your virtual estimate today.

  • High Quality Auto Paint
  • Manufacturer Approved Equipment and Products
  • Virtual Estimates
  • OEM Replacement Parts
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Our Fast Track Repairs are in a class all their own and no other auto body shop offers it. Ask about our Fast Track Repairs today when you call to schedule your appointment to see if your vehicle repairs qualify.

We are sensitive to the time constraints having an accident can have. That is why we offer free, fast estimates! Use our handy online estimate form to get your estimate started fast with our team. Someone from our collision center staff will call as soon as we get your request!

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