When you have lived your life inside the lines of the law, you know logically that car theft is a very real threat, but still find it hard to think like a car thief. To know your enemy is to be all the better prepared against him and so, with that in mind, here are some of the top things to know about potential thieves looking for a car to steal: 

Older Cars = More Desirable

You may think crooks want more newer model cars but, it turns out, thieves more often are motivated by the ease of the theft than the dollar amount of the score. Older cars tend to have less built-in security features, so it is important to secure them even more so than newer models. Keep them illuminated in the driveway so thieves don’t feel protected, use steering wheel locks and utilize services like Onstar that can alert you to a car being moved. 

Similarly, cars that are left looking uncared for or in disrepair are beacons. They give the impression they aren’t cared for or watched over. By keeping your car gleaming and headlights in good condition, you send a signal that you’re watching, so maybe don’t try car theft here.

Yes, They Are Watching

To pull off a car theft, an experienced burglar does not just hop right to it. They will study you and your neighborhood. Do you leave for work around the same time every day? Do you go out with friends and regularly leave your car unattended? Are neighbors on vacation? Do you always lock your car? Yeah, car thieves are watching and learning and planning accordingly. 

The Parts Are Greater Than The Whole

Sometimes, the biggest car theft payoffs aren’t just the vehicle as a whole. Instead, car parts can fetch big resale bucks. Catalytic converters, located on the underside of vehicles, can be worth thousands and are some of the most commonly stolen items. Thieves also look for radios, valuables, tires, wheels – even side mirrors and taillights.

If you find yourself in possession of a wheel-less car, though, you can always have it towed to Orlando Auto Body for repairs.

It’s a Community

Even if not working directly together on a car theft, criminals still run in the same circles. Naturally, then, information and goods flow. Not every car theft is entirely self-serving – sometimes thieves are merely filling an order. Information about where to hit is shared among criminals. If your neighborhood is especially vulnerable, then the whole world of thieves probably knows. You should keep an eye on crime trends in your area to be prepared.

They’re Proudly Experts

Car thieves oftentimes spend a lot of time mastering their trade and will have some specialties. For instance, one who specializes in Camaros will know how to disable the alarm on all years and all Camaros. The most dangerous thing can be writing the lot of thieves off as stupid or under educated, especially when it comes to cars and the art of stealing. 

Security Stickers Throw Them Off

Look, car thieves are trying to get in and out quickly, making off with a ton of metal untraced. Something as simple as an attached sticker or tag can deter car theft. They suggest that car is armed or tracked and that kind of liability is too great a risk.

It is just a fact that the car theft world is made up of professional opportunists. The more you can do to preempt their targeting eyes, the less likely you’ll suffer from theft and damage.