A Message From Shane Orlando

Our Payment Options

Thank you for choosing Orlando Auto Body for your vehicle repairs. We believe a well-informed customer is a happier customer. First, we’d like you to know that getting your car or truck repaired safely and in a timely manner is our number one goal. In most cases, we can convince the insurance company to agree to the repairs we recommend fairly quickly. [If not, we will walk you through the simple steps to get it approved.]

If there’s anything about the damage you forgot to mention, please let us know. For example…did the accident cause a food spill inside the car that stained seats or carpeting…or was a seat belt damaged in the accident that may need replacement. Remember, our goal is to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition…not ALMOST pre-accident condition. That means every necessary part replaced!

The process of getting your vehicle repaired is complex…it involves a lot more than just fixing the car. We must first identify repair needs…then get the repair estimate approved by the insurance company…then order and track the parts…then do the body and frame work…then the painting…dealing with outside vendors and their busy schedules. And getting it all done for you on a timely basis.

Orlando Auto Body will call you when the repairs are approved…and provide you with an approximate delivery date. Then we’ll call again a few days before your vehicle is ready and agree on a convenient time for you to pick it up. In the event of total loss, we strongly recommend that you do not remove your car or truck from our facility until an offer for total compensation on your car has been provided by the insurance carrier and reviewed by us. Why? Because insurance companies are a lot more cooperative when the car is still in your possession.
Send us the documentation the insurance company provided you and we will research it for NO CHARGE to make sure you are being treated fairly. In most cases, we can help you get a lot more for your “totaled” vehicle than the insurance company first offers. Here’s how Orlando Auto Body helps when it comes to car rentals: If you are contacted by the rental car company telling you the car rental is up…don’t worry. Orlando Auto Body will get the rental extended for you. We’ll cut through the confusion for you! You have 30 days of car rental and you can use all of them if need be. We will see to it!

We hope you found this video informative…and thank you again so much for choosing ORLANDO AUTO BODY…where we put our customers’ best interests ahead of profits.

This video is on Orlando Auto Body’s payment policy and information for its customers. Orlando Auto Body is located in Mesa, Arizona. For more information please visit- https://orlandoautobody.com/about/

This little video is about our payment policy. The policy exists to protect both you, the customer, and Orlando Auto Body.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept personal checks. It causes too much confusion and too many headaches…for both of us.

If you pay with a credit card, we are forced to charge a 4% fee. We hate doing this, but the credit card companies charge us big fees. So please…try to avoid paying with a credit card. You’ll save
We ask that you bring your insurance company check with you, signed by all parties whose names appear as payees on the check. This is the simplest, easiest way to pay for your auto repairs.

Thank you for understanding. And thanks again for choosing Orlando Auto Body for your auto repair needs.
For over 30 years, we’ve been putting our customers’ best interests ahead of profits.