4 Smartphone Driving Apps That Help Prevent Accidents

Smartphone driving apps are making a difference in cutting down collisions on the highways.  Every year, millions of U.S. drivers are involved in preventable car accidents. One of the leading causes of collisions, especially with young drivers, is distracted driving. This includes texting while driving. As well as talking on the phone or to others in the vehicle. Even eating while behind the wheel can be considered distracted driving.  However, new technology is helping to decrease the number of collisions happening on the road. But it is still up to drivers to embrace these life-saving devices and put them to use on a daily basis. One solution that many motorists are using to keep themselves and others safe on the road is smartphone driving apps. Keep reading to learn about 4 innovative apps that can make traveling trouble-free.

#1 The Lifesaver App

The Lifesaver app is a hit with both parents and businesses. This smartphone driving app aims to eliminate distractions while driving by locking your smartphone. The app’s technology is able to recognize when the car is in motion. You can still use your GPS (handsfree) but won’t be distracted by texts or calls. The great thing about this app is that it reports back to parents, allowing them to monitor their teens’ driving habits. The same can be said for commercial business owners since there is a fleet version that allows managers to monitor the performance of professional drivers. An added bonus is that drivers are rewarded through a point system when making good choices and safe driving.

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man sitting in the car and holding a phone with a smartphone driving app on it

#2  Driving 101

Smartphone driving apps like Driving 101 don’t police drivers or track behavior. Instead, they help prevent accidents by providing much-needed safety information. Included are tips for drivers and best practices for the road, combined into one convenient smartphone app. For example, the app will teach you how to prepare your vehicle for winter as well as how to recover from a skid.

#3 TrueMotion Family

Once known as Canary, TrueMotion Family is an innovative smartphone driving app. That aims to do two things: measure and improve driving. Not only is it free, but it also provides lots of safety increasing assistance. All you have to do is download the app, add your family members, and start tracking. Using a map similar to GoogleMaps, TrueMotion shows where you (and your family members are), tracks driving behaviors and gives you a score that is similar to a driving report card. There is also a distraction score that shows if a teen is texting or calling while driving. One final benefit of this amazing driving app is that it offers 24-7 roadside assistance in the case of an accident.

#4 Waze!

Waze is a community-based driving app that helps keep you ‘in the know.’ Waze doesn’t just provide a map but shows you the best routes to get to your destination. The great thing about these kinds of smartphone driving apps is that the information comes from real drivers, not algorithms. It provides detour routing options when something happens, steering you away from trouble on the road. It can also make road trips more fun because it adds in a social media aspect. Through Waze, you’re able to interact with others along the route (but not when you’re driving of course.)

By using apps like Lifesaver, Driving 101, TrueMotion Family, and Waze, you cannot only keep yourself and your family safe but also help other drivers avoid a collision.

With or without at an app, we hope you are never involved in a vehicle crash. But if you are, call Orlando Auto Body at 480-418-4737 for an estimate and advice on repairs.