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The best care when you need it most – if you’ve recently been in an accident, visit our collision center Tempe for an outstanding auto body repair experience and incredible service.

Collision Center Tempe Expectations

At Orlando Auto Body, we understand how important your vehicle is to you and your family. We also understand the importance of maintaining resale value after it has sustained collision damage or been hit by another car. That’s why we go to such great lengths to ensure your vehicle is repaired with care and quality – we want you to feel safe and have peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Feeling safe in your vehicle after an accident is always of concern. Understanding how to repair your car properly takes experience, dedication, and a commitment to following vehicle repair procedures from the original vehicle manufacturer.

Collision Center Tempe
Collision Center Tempe
How long does a repair take?

Repairing your car to pre-loss condition is our #1 objective. Depending on the severity and amount of damage, the time require to repair your car varies dramatically. We suggest to contact us for a free estimate to determine the length of time to repair your car the correct way. Many of our clients qualify for ourFast Track Repair Program. 

How can you help with my deductible?

Orlando Auto Body offers deductible assistance up to $1000. This is done by a discount on the total repair cost. For example if your have $500 deductible and your repair damage covered by insurance exceeded $5000 we will waive your deductible and you will have no out of pocket costs!

My insurance suggested another shop – why should I use Orlando?

You always have a choice! Just remember it is in your insurance companies’s best interest to send your car to a repair shop that will charge them the least! Potentially they could be taking shortcuts and using cheaper remanufactured parts. Orlando Auto Body is committed to repairing your car the right way, ensuring you are safe and your car is reliable. Contact us if you need your vehicle towed to our shop for repairs.

Why Choose our Collision Center Tempe?

The answer is simple – you have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired.

  • We Offer Deductible Assistance
  • Over 35 Years of Collision Repair Experience
  • We Repair All Vehicle Makes & Models
  • Fast Track Repairs
  • We Offer a Lifetime Warranty
  • We Use Factory OEM Parts
  • Our Goal is to Your Satisfaction & Peace of Mind!
Collision Center Tempe


It is no surprise that vehicle technology has changed considerably these past few years. Making sure you choose a collision center in Tempe that has kept pace with technology should be an important part of where you have your car repaired.

We can also help with vehicle towing if your car is disabled and offer a Fast Track Repairs! Ask about Fast Track Repairs today and we can get you back in your vehicle in as little as 1-2 days in some cases.

Call our collision center Tempe team today to schedule your collision damage repair or speak to a member of our team if you have any questions! We look forward to helping you and appreciate your consideration!

  • Ask us how we can help with your insurance deductible

  • We have been in business for over 30 years

  • We handle anything from small auto damage to large accidents

  • We make auto collision repair more convenient for you
  • We use factory OEM replacements parts.
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