Tire Care For Safety and Longer Wear

Bad tires can be a big contributor to an accident.  Your tires are the only connection between your car and the road so proper tire care, along with monthly inspection of them, is suggested for driving safety.

Below are 3 areas of tire care you should keep tabs on:

        Pressure- Your owner’s manual will give you the correct tire pressure depending on your vehicle. Check them using a pressure gauge. Make sure they’re not under or over-inflated as this can affect the car’s handling and stability.

auto stiegler team photo
young male auto body technician pressing gauge into tire for proper tire care

 Tread- Your tire tread is what gives your car traction. If the tread is too worn it won’t provide thetraction you need in severe weather.  Even in warmer climates, worn treads will make driving hazardous on wet roads.  To check your tread, use “the penny test”: Put the penny between your tire tread with Lincoln’s head down. If your treads come at least to Lincoln’s head, your tires have enough remaining tread to perform safely. If the tread falls below Lincoln’s head, you should replace the tire.


 Many people take this important component for granted. Checking your spare for the above-mentioned points at the same time you check your other tires is just as important in the unfortunate event you get a flat tire.

Tires do wear out like anything else but keeping the proper amount of air in them can increase the amount of wear you can get out of them.   Monitoring the air pressure and wear of your tires monthly can help to prevent accidents in bad weather and possibly even prevent a flat tire.   It’s always prudent to get into the habit of a monthly tire check for proper tire care.

Here at Orlando Auto Body, we believe in safety first always. That’s why we always do a computerized scan to determine there is a problem with a specific “system” in your vehicle.   Some manufacturers have over 150 different scans to troubleshoot practically every square inch of your vehicle.  At Orlando Auto Body we have the capability to check ALL systems on ALL makes and models of vehicles.    It’s important to us that your car be restored to its original SAFETY requirements as well as looking good.