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“Halloween Driving Tips”

“Halloween Driving Tips”

It’s officially the spooky season! And while that means haunted movie nights, killer costumes and ghost stories galore, that also means it’s time for Halloween driving. Earlier sunset times coupled with kids taking to the streets can be a scary combo. Practice these tips especially for Halloween driving at night and stay safe.

Car Courtesies

Things work a lot safer when we’re all in this together. And Halloween driving is no exception. Communicating with other drivers is extra important on Halloween night. Always use your turn signal, even on lightly trafficked roads. This will also help pedestrians be aware of your direction.

If you’re stopping, use your flashers! This will cut down on other drivers tapping you and causing dents that need to be repaired. It also keeps the streets overall safer, since less car accidents mean less likelihood of pedestrians being in harm’s way, too.

Don’t pass stopped vehicles, either, without a wave around – and even then, carefully. Most likely, cars are going to be stopping for children crossing the street. Speeding up and around them is just about the most unsafe thing you can do.


Kids aren’t going to always look twice or even stop. Keep an eye out for and always yield to young trick-or-treaters. In fact, for Halloween driving, up the defensive factor. Assume kids you see on the sidewalk are gonna stray into the street and be prepared to break in an instant. Make sure your driving speed is highly observant of posted speed limits. If there is ever a time to go under the speed limit, it’s when Halloween driving in a residential area. In fact, it is recommended to go 5 mph under the posted speed to give yourself enough time to react to a sudden child running in front of you.

Most trick-or-treating occurs between 4 pm and 8 pm, so be extra vigilant during those hours. The earlier chunks will be easier to see kids thanks to the daylight, but once the sun sets it’s harder to see black clothed witches, dark vampire costumes and the like.

If you are parking in or leaving driveways, go slow. Look both ways many times and be doubly certain you are all clear on either side before you pull in or back out.

See and Be Seen

Not only do you not want any blind spots, but you also want kids to see you. Especially if you;re going to be doing Halloween driving in residential areas. Make sure your headlights are in good working order and are bright and clear.

So, too, should you have a clean windshield. Smudges and spots can too easily obscure a view of a small trick-or-treater who’s just darted out into the street.

Halloween is also a party night for adults. This means the odds of there being drunk drivers on the road go up. Be aware and observant for erratic driving behavior and report to police any suspected drunk driving.

Drunk driving is not the only Halloween driving concern, though. Distracted driving is also an issue. Stay off your phone when driving on Halloween night and keep your eyes on the road.

Stay alert when driving, too. Sleepy or disoriented driving makes reaction times slower. Luckily, it is Halloween driving, so you should feel free to grant yourself a candy bar for a little burst of sugar rush energy.


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